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Advantages of Reserving a Business Name with Coddan

The cheapest way to start a new company registration
#3. Advantages of Reserving a Business Name with Coddan

Advantages of reserving a company name with Coddan


Reserving a company name online

Advantages of reserving a company name with Coddan: whether you plan to go into business now or far into the future, as long as you have a name for the enterprise, you should register it so that no one else can take it. Having a good company name is a key part of any firm's success. It can either be short and snappy - memorable to the public - or can describe what it is the company does, as in manufacturing or services, for example.

Some names are not, however, permitted: those that may suggest they have a connection to the government and names that may either be sensitive or potentially offensive.

At Coddan, we can quickly register your private company, so that it's protected from anyone else using it. There cannot be two firms with the same name. First we carry out a check of the register at Companies House to make sure your chosen name is not already listed, and if not, we will reserve a company name for you straight away, for a fee as low as just £49.99. This is an annual charge and before the expiration, we will advise you that the business name needs to be renewed and do it for you.

We reserve your trading name by registering it as a private limited company, as this is the only way in the UK to protect a company name; you can't just simply register the name alone. For the new firm's incorporation, we will use members of our own team as the director and shareholder, and these will be later changed to yours when the company is ready to start trading.

We will submit all the necessary paperwork to Companies House to register the new company. This can be done in just 24 hours and later, when the company starts trading, we will transfer the name to you for £24.99. We will provide you with the official certificate of incorporation for your reference.

You can reserve a non-profit company name with Coddan as well as reserve a public company name - it depends on what your proposed enterprise might engage in. Our team of consultants are available to talk to you about the best choice for your company based on its name.

You might also like to reserve an LLP name or even reserve a partnership name. Whatever it is, we will register the name by registering that particular company. We use our official registered office address and so until the time you decide to use the company to trade, there is nothing else to do.

We even handle the legal requirements of preparing and filing annual returns and annual accounts, because although there will be no financial transactions, these must still be reported or the limited company will be subject to fines. Astute business people know the value of reserving company names as soon as they come up with them. It's good business development sense. If you have one and you'd like to protect it, talk to Coddan today and if it's not already in use, we'll reserve a company name for you.