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Who Can Benefit From Our Company Name Reservation Offers?

Reserve a company name in the UK from £49.99!
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2. Who Can Benefit From Our Company Name Reservation Offers?

Who can benefit from our business name reservation offers?

Reserving a Company Name

Who can benefit from our business name reservation offers? One of the most important decisions entrepreneurs make when setting up a new entity is the name of the enterprise. The right name, whether catchy or descriptive, can resonate with the public and bring success. In addition, there are certain names that are not allowed, such as those that appear to be connected with the government and names that could appear offensive or are sensitive.

When you have an idea for your business and even if you're not ready to trade yet, it's beneficial to reserve the business name as soon as possible. That way, when you do get around to trading, even if its years from now, the name will be all ready to use. We can do company name reservation for all types of enterprises - public, private, limited by shares and limited by guarantee. If you're a sole trader, or thinking about becoming one at a point in the future, you can also register a trading name that you may now have and want to keep from someone else using.

When reserving a company name, we will register a private company using our own registered office address. You do not have to worry about appointing officers to the company as we will act as director and shareholder, and you will be provided with a copy of the certificate of incorporation for your reference.

After reserving your business name, there won't be any accounting transactions during the financial year unless you decide you want to start trading. In that case, our company officers will be replaced using your own instead of ours. If you're not yet ready to start your business, we will handle all of the paperwork and documentation that is legally required, including filing annual returns and annual accounts even if there are no transactions. Failure to do this would result in fines from the authorities that could be substantial if they went unpaid.

We will remind you each year before the expiry date that you need to renew the corporate name, or you might risk losing it. If you decide you no longer want the name, we can handle that for you too. If you want to register a business name today but not be concerned about the legalities of owning a company, we can do all that for you. Talk to our team of experts today and let us help you to reserve a limited company name online.