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UK company formation agent

UK company
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Fast company registration within 3-4 hours

Fast company registration
within 3-4 hours

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Company start-up from £24.99,

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Home Limited Companies UK Public Company Limited by Shares Registration Requirements for the Establishment of Public Company

Requirements for the Establishment of Public Company

The requirements for the public company establishment

Forming PLC Company

The requirements for the public company establishment: starting a new public company can be more challenging and complicated then it may appear, it's this very reason why using a public company formtion agent can be worth your while, offering you the comfort in the knowledge that all compliance will be met, and your PLC company will be trading in the most sufficient time possible.

Formation agents will complete all the necessary paperwork, all submissions will be made directly to Companies House using their approved software, which gives the incorporation agent the privilege of application priority handling by Companies House registration team.

Furthermore, the agent will offer a range of services related to your business needs, services ranging from bank account openings, filing of annual accounts, certification of documents, creation of company stamps /seals, and many other services which will get your PLC company up and running in a matter of hours.

  • A UK public company limited by shares must to have at least two directors (natural person), one shareholder, and must have a secretary.
  • You need at least two persons to register a public company limited by shares, the directors can also act as the secretary and/or shareholder.
  • The Companies Act imposes no restriction on the minimum age of company directors. However Companies House will actively discourage the appointment of anyone under the age of 16 from taking up a company' directorship on the grounds that the individuals concerned may not fully understand the legal liabilities that go with the position and for the most part will not have the experience necessary to perform the duties of a company director.
  • Under the Companies Act 2006, there is no restriction on any or all of the members/shareholders being from an overseas country (i.e. outside the United Kingdom in terms of residency, domicile, citizenship, place of incorporation or all or any of those concepts).
  • There is no requirement for the officers of your public company to be UK citizens or residents, nor for them to hold valid work permits.
  • Owning, or being an officer of a UK registered public company does not, however, grant you any rights to live or work in the UK if you are a foreign national.
  • Your public company must have a registered office address within England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; this is the official address of your company and will be on the public record as such.
  • Your public company must hold its official company documents at its registered office address: its register of shareholders, and its constitutional documents.
  • So long as you maintain a registered office address in England or Wales, or Scotland, you can conduct your business activities from any place in the world, means that you do not have to run your business from a registered office address.

Sign electronically for a PLC company establishment using your mouse, and receive all the documentation you need to have to operate a company.

PLC Company Formation Agent

PLC company formation agent

Coddan is a top-performing provider of bespoke public firms registration, and creative business solutions. We are a leading full-service PLC formation agent providing a comprehensive range of public company establishment to organisations and individuals alike. Our reputation is built on providing top quality public company start up services and by developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all clients, including individuals and businesses across the UK and internationally.

We offer the complete UK public companies incorporation service with your choice of a company name, we can also assist with opening a suitable banking account with Barclays or Lloyds, RBS banks, we can also help to open a bank account for behalf of your registered entity in other countries, please call us to discuss your needs.

A company which has been registered as a public on original incorporation must not begin business or exercise any borrowing powers until it has a trading certificate, issued under s.761 of the CA 2006, confirming that the company has met the allotted share capital requirements of the CA 2006. The certificate is the proof that the public company can trade and borrow. You can apply for a trading certificate for your public company though us.

The allotted share capital requirements are that the company must have allotted shares at least up to the value of the authorised minimum (£50,000). Each allotted share must be paid to at least one-quarter of its nominal value together with the whole of any premium on it.

What does this mean in practice? Well, if £50,000 shares with a nominal value of £1.00 each are allotted at nominal value with no premium, the minimum consideration which must be paid to the company is one-quarter of the nominal value of each share, that is 0.25p per share, making a total minimum payment of £12,500 for 50,000 shares.