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In order to arrange the services of a nominee director, what documents need to be provided?

Create a Company With a Nominee Director

In order to arrange the services of a nominee director, what documents need to be provided? At Coddan, when a client approaches us to organise the appointment of a nominee director, one of our main responsibilities is to ensure that all of the necessary documentation is drafted and signed in a professional manner. In order for us to comply with the current complex and far-reaching legal guidelines, we require a number of documents to be sent to us for inspection before proceeding with the appointment of a nominee director, and these can be posted to us, or scanned and emailed over as an attachment.

When the documentation is put together, the most important element from our perspective is that the true owner of the limited company is named and identified accordingly - the beneficiary owner. We cannot include these vital details on any document until we have seen proof of identity, and this can be sent in the form of a passport scan (the page with photos and personal details) or a birth certificate. A government issued driving license may also be acceptable, but in most circumstances it is advisable to contact Coddan to ensure that the proof of ID can be used to validate your name for this type of arrangement.

It is also extremely important to be able to provide full proof of your address - this is because you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your business at all times. In the event of any kind of investigation, we need to be able to show the true premises address of a private company, and this is all explained clearly before finalising the registration of a company with a nominee director.

As a proof of address, we can accept a range of official company documents that you may already have, as well as other personal documents/letter/statements that have been issued by an official authority. As always, it is vital that you contact Coddan before sending them in to ensure that we will be able to accept them. For more information about the necessary documentation before appointing a nominee director, get in touch with Coddan today.