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Home Limited Companies Provision of a Nominee Director Service Is it Legal to Appoint a Nominee Director?

Is it Legal to Appoint a Nominee Director?

Is it legal to appoint a nominee director?

Forming a Company With a Nominee Director

Is it legal to appoint a nominee director? If you are in the process of registering a new limited company in the United Kingdom, you will need to appoint a director and a shareholder. These names will be registered at Companies House, and they will be a matter of public record. However, you may want to keep your involvement in your new company private, so appointing nominee director may be the best course of action to follow.

At Coddan, we provide a comprehensive service which appoints nominee directors and secretaries to new and existing companies. For a relatively small fee, we can appoint fit and proper persons to act as directors of your new private company, so you can remain anonymous. To allow you to operate your company on a day-to-day basis, we can issue a power of attorney allowing you to do so. However, is it legal to appoint a nominee director to a UK company?

A recent court case brought by the Department of Trade and Industry in Manchester changed the status of nominee directors. Although they are appointed on a nominee basis, they are legally accountable for the actions of the company limited by shares. Therefore, if the private company is suspected of fraud, tax evasion or any illegal activity, it is the nominee director who will be accountable. Appointing nominee directors in the United Kingdom is completely legal - and a relatively common practice - but it puts the burden of responsibility with the legal directors.

As long as you are a British national, you can set up and run a business in the Great Britain from almost anywhere in the world. Even if you do not have British citizenship, it is possible to operate own a business in the UK, although you will be restricted as to what you can do here. At Coddan, we can provide individuals and companies to act as directors of your business, and in some cases, Coddan can act as a nominee director.

Form a Company With Nominee Director

Incorporate with a nominee director

There is no requirement for the officers of your private company to be the UK citizens or residents, or for them to hold the valid work permits. If you want to form a private company, public company or a company limited by guarantee with a nominee director service, we can help to achieve this goal. We can register a new company and appoint a nominee director service straight away; we are charging the annual fee for the provision of a nominee directorship for your limited company.

Our service gives you a legal way of operating a company in the way a director would whilst keeping your involvement a secret. Whether you want anonymity for commercial reasons or to avoid offending your existing business partners, we can help. We can help with a private company formation or a public company establishment, or even non-profit company start-up and appoint our nominee director for your business needs.