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The Power of a Nominee Director to Resign from a Company

The power of a nominee director to resign from your company

Provision of a Nominee Director

The power of a nominee director to resign from your company: all UK companies are required to register with Companies House in accordance with the regulations laid out by the Companies Act 2006. Among those regulations is a requirement to register the name of an existing company or an individual as both a limited company director and a company secretary. If you are starting a new private company in the United Kingdom, but you don't want your name to be associated with it, the company formation agents at Coddan can help.

We have been appointing nominee directors on behalf of business owners for many years now. We can ensure that you are free to run your business as you see fit whilst keeping your identity private. Anyone can access registration information from Companies House, which will include all the names of company directors. However, if you want to remain anonymous, you can authorise us to appoint nominee directors and secretaries instead.

The nominee directorship service we provide will sign the both memorandum and articles of association, which are required to set up any company in the Great Britain. We will then formulate a power of attorney document, which the nominee director will sign immediately after your company has been registered. This document gives you the power to operate your business in any way you see fit.

The nominee will then provide you un-dated resignation letter from your business, providing you with a signed letter to that effect. This puts you firmly in charge of your own company without having your name officially associated with it. This could be beneficial if you have existing business partners in other companies, or in situations where you feel your name could be detrimental to the commercial fortunes of the new business.

Until your nominee director resigns, and a letter of indemnity is signed by you, the law places all accountability for the company's actions with the registered board of directors. We will ask you to sign such an indemnity letter as soon as your company limited by shares has been registered with Companies House.

This service allows you to legally register a company and run it yourself without the need to make your involvement in it public, which could make running it much easier.

All legal terms about the business relations in between us and you are described at our terms and conditions, please read them carefully.