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Why do people use a nominee director service to register a company?

Company Start-Up With a Nominee Director

Why do people use a nominee director service to register a company? There are a number of potential reasons for using a nominee director when registering a limited company, and the experts at Coddan have many years of experience in this business area. The needs of each individual private company will always vary to a certain degree, but our specialists will always perform a thorough analysis of each set of circumstances before advising on the best possible route to incorporation.

Appointing a nominee director is all about maintaining the secrecy of the true owner of the company limited by shares or other type of business, and all of this is done in a manner that is entirely legitimate.

All registered companies appear on the official register that is kept by Companies House, along with the associated named directors. If you do not wish to appear on this database for reasons of confidentiality or business sensitivities, a nominee director can be appointed to be the official public face of the company. In reality, you will still be the individual that is in total control of the business - this is maintained with the use of a power of attorney document or similar facility.

In the event that the arrangement is no longer desirable, a pre-written letter of resignation can be kept on file that can essentially be 'activated' at any given time.

If you are currently located outside of the United Kingdom, you can also use a nominee director to get a limited company registered when it is essential to maintain some kind of official UK presence. For other necessary documents, including the mandatory reporting of private company accounts, the nominee director can appear as an official signatory - this means that all of the required formalities can be completed in a timely manner.

To find out more about how Coddan can help you to appoint a nominee director for a private company formation, get in touch with one of our experienced team today. Once we have determined that this would be beneficial for your business, we take care of all of the paperwork that is required to get the process under way as soon as possible.