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Making That Sale and Getting Paid via PayPal

Making that sale and getting paid via PayPal

Establish a Company for eBay and PayPal

Making that sale and getting paid via PayPal: you can accept payment by various methods including credit card, bank check, and direct bank transfer. However, the most popular method of receiving payments is through PayPal.

PayPal is safe, quick and easy to use. When a buyer agrees to purchase an item he is redirected to his PayPal account where he can confirm and authorize payment. The transaction is then automatically credited to your PayPal account from where you can withdraw the amount to your bank account.

PayPal will charge you a small fee for doing business through them. "More fees?" you may ask. Yes, but it is worth paying a small amount if it relieves you of all the admin work involved in processing credit cards or paying in checks to your bank.

Getting to the top – looking after business and achieving the top-rated seller status

On eBay you may be competing against many other sellers who are selling the same or similar products to you. So how do you get your products showing at the top of search lists where buyers will see them? Have you ever wondered how eBay decides on the order of products in those search lists. Preference is given to sellers who have achieved the coveted Top-Rated Seller status and these sellers grab the top places in search results. Buyers are more likely to buy from these sellers who have a proven track record of selling good quality products and providing excellent service.

So how do you get your products to show at the top of search lists? Much of it is down to Detailed Seller Ratings or DSRs. Buyers rate their buying experience on a scale of 1 to 5 in four areas. These are:

1. Communication. This is a measure of what buyers thought of your replies to their questions and the speed at which you replied to them.
2. Item as described. This is a measure of how well the item matched the pictures and description of the product on eBay.
3. Shipping costs. This is a measure of what buyers think about your shipping costs. Are they too much or are they about right?
4. Delivery times. This is a measure of what buyers thought of your delivery times. Did they arrive quickly or did they take too long?

To be a successful seller your long term aim should be to achieve 'Top-Rated seller' status. This may take some time but if you work hard and look after business you will get there. Remember these rules:

1. Have a niche product that people want to buy.
2. Make sure your products are accurately described in the pictures and written description.
3. Make sure your products are competitively priced.
4. Charge low shipping charges or even consider providing free shipping.
5. Deliver your products within the time you say you will deliver them.
6. Reply to buyer's messages promptly and within 12 hours of receiving them and be courteous.