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Now You Can Open a Private Company for eBay Business

Doing a business on eBay - now you can open for business

Formation Company for eBay and PayPal

Doing a business on eBay - now you can open for business: once you have checked everything on your to-do list and established your logistics, it's time to open your business on eBay. You must come to know your business and how your web pages look. Give yourself some time to judge if whether or not there are some improvements to be made, if you should use the auction model or the fixed price one. These small experiments will help you reach your target and make profit, the third and final prerequisite of a successfully on line business venture on eBay.

Make sure you have high quality pictures highlighting the characteristics of your products. Constantly improve your profile to make the process of selling more efficient and relaxed. Finally, good feedback will reflect how you as a seller and as a person perform in an online environment.

If you are thinking of starting a business on eBay, or you already have a business registered with eBay, and are planning to expand or taking the next step in your business adventure, then Coddan can offer you that helping hand on climbing your entrepreneur ladder.

Our services range from company formation to domain registration, trademark registration, bank account introduction in the UK and abroad, we also offer accounting packages, and many other corporate services, making Coddan your business one stop shop.

Our bullet point guide on how to boost your eBay business: -

  • Register your business as a company
  • Converting your sole trader business into a private company will automatically increase the trust levels, and will make your business stand out from the crowed
  • It gives your business the professional image, which many eBay traders lack
  • It protects your personal assets, should you run into trouble with your business, your business will only be liable to the assets it holds, thus offering you peace of mind in the knowledge that your personal assets are not on the line
  • It offers the opportunity to expand beyond the eBay platform, a business which is incorporated as a Limited company, with a positive background on eBay can be a very powerful player in its industry

Registering your business at an early stage of your business adventure can pay massive dividends in the future should you decide to sell it on. Why waste many years working as an unregistered business, when you can add value to your business by each passing day, as simple company registration will offer you a very valuable asset in the future. Protect your company name by incorporating it into a limited company; all limited companies registered with Companies House will prevent other potential entrepreneurs from using your trading name.

Coddan's recommendation: if you are a sole trader on eBay, and have been trading for many years, and are thinking of registering your business as a limited company, but are worried about losing your image as an old trader, then Coddan is at hand to ease your worries! We specialise on readymade companies for clients who want to create an image that reflect their trade experience. Our ready-made companies will be transferred to your name within hours, and if you're not happy with the company name, we can change this at no extra cost.

If you're thinking of boosting your company's image, why not use our virtual London office and many other offices across the UK offered by Coddan.

Our virtual office will boost your company's image and protect your home address (if you are trading from home) from being listed on Companies House public register.