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Subsidiary Company Set-Up in the UK

Subsidiary company start-up in Great Britain

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This subsidiary company registration in the UK is especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring starting a subsidiary firm with an address in London & secretarial compliance for one year.

The following items are included into this subsidiary company formation offer:



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This subsidiary company formation is especially for non-UK based residents, who are requiring opening a subsidiary LLC with an address in Edinburgh & secretarial compliance for one year.

The following items are included into this subsidiary company start-up in Scotland offer:



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This subsidiary company incorporation is especially for non-UK consumers, who are requiring establishing a subsidiary corporation with an address in Belfast & secretarial compliance for one year.

The following items are included into this subsidiary company setting-up in North of Ireland offer:



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This subsidiary company establishment is especially for non-UK clients, who are requiring opening a subsidiary organisation with an address in Liverpool & secretarial compliance for one year.

The following items are included into this subsidiary company creation offer:

Subsidiary company formation within 3 hours from 105!

Although the concept of a subsidiary company formation can seem complex at first glance, it does not have to be with Coddan. A subsidiary company is essentially a registered limited company which is owned (either in part or in full) by another entity. The main firm which owns the subsidiary is referred to as a holding company or a parent company. What are the benefits of a subsidiary company formation? In certain scenarios, subsidiary company establishment can be incredibly beneficial. For example, if your firm operates outside of the United Kingdom, it can make sense to register a subsidiary company via Coddan as there are numerous advantages to this in terms of tax and secretarial administration.

If you've any questions how to register a subsidiary of a foreign company in UK, then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.


Subsidiary company registration in the UK

Subsidiary company formation in UK: the registration a subsidiary company offers a number of benefits to international organisations. One of the main advantages is that it allows you to run a fully operational and independent sales or trading platform while giving your customers the assurance, both here and throughout the EU, that they are dealing with a British limited company. Start up of a subsidiary firm in Great Britain can also provide your business with certain tax and regulatory advantages, and give you direct access to sources of capital and incentives in this country, such as subsidies for setting up businesses in enterprise zones or development areas. Having a daughter company registered in the UK will allow you greater access to markets throughout Europe, and you can ring-fence your operation in the Great Britain, to protect your established business overseas from any future liability.

A private company is the most common type of subsidiary and is relatively straightforward to set-up in the United Kingdom. Compared to other European countries, the UK takes a more pragmatic approach to business and is actively pro-investment. The tax rates in this country are also lower than elsewhere in the EU. It is important, however, that subsidiaries association registration are fully compliant and meet their statutory requirements. Failure to do so can result in fines, and even being stricken off the register at Companies House.

At Coddan, we can assist with the formation of your subsidiary company, and have made it as easy as possible by offering a range of packages you can select on-line. Information and advice regarding taxation, subsidiary enterprise establishment structure (including directors, secretary and shareholders), and other areas is also available. The entire subsidiary company registration process can be completed on-line, keeping paperwork to a minimum, and your British, Scottish or Irish company subsidiary can be fully registered and able to start trading in a matter of days. Going forward, we can also provide a range of bookkeeping and accounting services.


Subsidiary company incorporation advice

Subsidiary Company

Sometimes private companies have more than one string to their bow - we recognize that it can be easier to formally operate different business arms as separate entities. If your business has a number of different teams working on vastly different projects or at separate places of business, it can make sense to form a subsidiary – particularly if there are radical differences between projects.

Starting up a subsidiary company in the United Kingdom with Coddan: if you are already running a successful business, it might be the case that you simply do not have the time to spend going through the rigmarole of filing limited company creation documentation. Thankfully, with us you don’t have to - all it takes is one simple, low cost application and your subsidiary can be registered within 48 hours. You can rely on us to ensure your application meets all relevant criteria, and prices even include Companies House fees, allowing you to concentrate on making your business a success.

Are you looking to launch a subsidiary company in the United Kingdom? Then trust the expertise of Coddan to open a subsidiary company for you. Our team of experts has been helping business owners and entrepreneurs like you get the most possible benefits from their subsidiaries for years. We know all the legal incorporation requirements, essential paperwork and potential loopholes inside and out. So, whether you're looking to minimize liability, reduce costs, diversify your corporate structure or launch a new brand, we will have the knowledge, experience and skill to ensure you achieve it. Call today, speak to one of our team and find out what the British's best formation expert can do for you - if you need assistance with a subsidiary/daughter company set-up, you can also speak to our business advisers between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171.

Open a subsidiary company in Great Britain

Advantages of Forming a Subsidiary Company

Opening a subsidiary company presents many benefits if you have an international organisation. It allows you to operate a separate sales platform, grant your staff shares without affecting your main business, and can even provide access to previously inaccessible sources of capital. With so many rules and regulations to adhere to, forming a subsidiary company can be a daunting task. At Coddan, we can help you navigate the tricky road of starting a subsidiary/daughter company.

What is a subsidiary company? A subsidiary company classification can be given to a company if the holding company has the majority of the voting power, or the authority to remove or appoint its board of directors. Business owners - especially those operating overseas - often register new divisions as a subsidiary to minimize the liabilities of the holding corporation.

Why choose us for a subsidiary company registration? We've been in business since 1993 and have a wealth of experience setting-up subsidiary companies for both national and international clients. Whatever your situation, we've no doubt dealt with it before. Whether you want to establish a subsidiary company in UK to protect an overseas business, or simply want a little more freedom with regards to the direction of the new venture, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure you go down the right path.

Opening of a subsidiary company differs from setting-up a new private company in that the business will already be operational before the merger takes place. However, the same principles generally apply with regards to registration. We can guide you through the process of registering a new subsidiary company of your oversea registered organisation here in the United Kingdom, making sure that everything is financially and legally sound.

At Coddan, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, personal service. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or live chat. Alternatively, you can phone our central London office and speak to an adviser. Whatever you need, we guarantee that your business start-up is in safe hands.