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Main Uses of a Subsidiary Company in Business

Main uses of a subsidiary company in business

Subsidiary Company

Main uses of a subsidiary company in business: many UK business owners choose to register a subsidiary company, though not everybody will have the same purpose in mind for it. There are many different uses for such business ventures, and it is worth knowing them all before you incorporate a subsidiary company. This way, you can be sure you maximise the potential of your new enterprise, having explored all the avenues open to it.

Liability limitation: one of the key uses for a subsidiary is to limit the liability of the parent company. By operating through this kind of business, the parent restricts the effect of certain losses that it could incur along the way. To cite a very famous example, Hollywood movie studios will commonly set-up a subsidiary company to produce each movie they set in motion. This means the studio can control the entire project without being liable for certain issues, such as legal action, that might occur along the way.

Keeping your brands distinct: if you wish to launch a new product or service, doing so through a subsidiary company can offer lots of marketing benefits. By keeping it officially separate from your parent company, you can be sure that the new product is given its own identity and culture as you push it to market. You can advertise it in ways you would never utilise for your parent company, yet, because it is its own entity, your own limited company's brand image will stay intact.

Diversifying your business: breaking your limited company down into subsidiaries is a smart move if you wish to separate the culture of one section from another. When you register a subsidiary company limited by shares, it is given its own legal structure and can be run in a way that foster an entirely different atmosphere than that found in other parts of your business. This sort of diversification can be a huge help in branching out into new territory and maximising the reach of your private company.

Entrepreneurs pursue subsidiary company registration for many different reasons. The more you know about what is and isn't possible, the better your chances of success if you take this action. At Coddan, we have many years' experience in dealing with subsidiary company formation; to find out all you need to know about the process, call one of our experts today.