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Reasons to Start-Up a Subsidiary Company With Us

Reasons to register a subsidiary company with us

Subsidiary Company

Reasons to start-up a subsidiary company with us: here at Coddan, our experts have a superb understanding of how subsidiary companies work. We've been helping UK limited companies reap all the possible rewards from their subsidiary brands for years now and can offer sound advice to anybody planning such a move. Here are some of the key benefits we secure for our clients when they start-up a subsidiary company: -

Limit your liability: limited liability is one of the biggest advantages of subsidiary company registration. By using a subsidiary to launch a new product or brand name, the parent company can massively restrict the losses, costs and damages that it might incur should the project fail. For example, should legal action be brought against the subsidiary, the parent company will not be liable to pay for it.

Divide your business: if you want to diversify the culture of your limited company, subsidiary company formation is a superb choice. This way, you register various different legal entities, all of which are conglomerated under your parent company but can be run with an entirely different management structure. This can be of particular use to a private company> looking to branch out overseas, as your subsidiaries can be run in-line with local work cultures.

Launch new brands: one of the key reasons many businesses registering a subsidiary company is to launch a new product or service that they wish to distinguish from their other products. This separates the new brand from the old in the eyes of the buyer, thus opening up many new avenues for how it is marketed and distributed. Also, it offers a form of protection. Should the new product or service not work out, it will not be directly linked to the parent company.

If you want to make sure you maximise the benefits of your subsidiary business venture, contact Coddan today. We know all the legal requirements, best processes and loopholes required to create a truly profitable subsidiary company. We have tailor-made packages for every kind of project you might be considering, and so can guarantee smooth, simple and effective subsidiary company registration in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland when you choose us.