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Legal Requirements to Obtain a License for Your Forex Business

Legal requirements to obtain a license for your Forex business

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Legal requirements to obtain a license for your Forex business: if you are considering a new venture into Forex trading, a key consideration must be ensuring that the necessary criteria are met for a licence to be granted. Usually any business which acts as a Forex brokerage, rather than trading directly on the Forex market using their own monies, requires some form of licensing. Take a look at the key requirements which are almost invariably needed in order for a license to be obtained.

An incorporated company: before a limited company can start to trade, either as a brokerage or directly on the Forex market, it is essential that it is legally formed and incorporated. This involves the production of a memorandum and articles of association, as well as the appointment of individuals to fulfil key roles (for example directors and a nominee). Incorporation need not be undertaken solely in the UK; Coddan Ltd can assist with all aspects of incorporation for companies located in offshore locations such as Belize, Saint Vincent, or Panama as well as British-based enterprises.

A bank account: it's obviously impossible to trade on the Forex market without an appropriate bank account. Not only does the account need to be suitable for an international finance operation, it also has to be appropriate for the country where your company is incorporated and suitable for the nature of your activities. Not only can Coddan provide recommendations on the most appropriate account, they can also undertake all the administrative work necessary to get your bank account up and running promptly, even when it's an overseas one.

Transparency, accountability and administration: no matter where you apply for a license, it makes good business sense to ensure that you have robust financial systems in place and appropriate record keeping to chart transactions. Coddan Ltd can undertake all this work for you, as well as provide timely financial reporting and assistance with tax matters.

The exact criteria required for becoming a licensed broker varies considerably from one country to the next. Coddan Ltd has considerable experience in enabling Forex trading companies to meet all the required registration criteria for successful UK or overseas licensing.