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What about my annual obligations to the FSA if I own a Forex business?

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What about my annual obligations to the FSA if I own a Forex business? If you are a Forex trader that has a UK audience, FSA registration is extremely useful. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) sets standards for the conduct of financial institutions; these standards ensure financial products are sold in a transparent fashion. Unfortunately, for traders, registration requires meeting detailed reporting requirements, which can take a considerable amount of time and energy.

Financial reporting: in addition to ensuring that client funds are kept in a separate bank account, FSA registered brokers also need to use a bank that has appropriate insurances and safeguards in place to provide a high level of protection to client money. The Forex trader is also required to submit regular financial reports, an annual audit and other information as and when required to the FSA in order to retain their registration.

Dealing with the paperwork: provided trading is being undertaken in a legitimate manner and clear records are kept of each transaction, the production of regular financial reports will be straight-forward. Coddan Ltd can provide expert assistance in ensuring that suitable information collection systems, checks and balances are put in place, maximising your chances of satisfying the FSA.

Reporting is easy with Coddan Ltd: rather than spend hours totting up columns or double checking transactions, why not let Coddan Ltd get the job done? With extensive experience in the production of high quality, relevant and timely reports, audits and financial data, Coddan Ltd also have the right skills to successfully undertake the day-to-day record keeping that is essential to FSA registered traders.

Although it's not essential to be registered with the FSA in order to undertake Forex trading, increasing public awareness means that it's often a good way of attracting and retaining customers. Using Coddan Ltd to undertake your paperwork and FSA report preparation frees you up to do what you're best at: helping your clients grow their wealth through shrewd, forward-thinking Forex trading. Meeting your annual obligations to the FSA is easy when you employ expert, timely assistance from Coddan Ltd.