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Register a private limited company online

Advantages of registering a private company in the UK

Establishing UK Company

Advantages of registering a private company in the UK: Coddan Formations Agent can register a UK private limited company on your behalf within a matter of hours and for as little as £24.99. This basic limited company registration service is available to UK residents with their own premises in the country. It offers a straightforward, quick way to register your private company and get down to business. Coddan Formations Agent can offer this unrivalled speed of private companies registration due to the close relationship with Companies House that they have built up over two decades spent helping people establish their businesses.

A key advantage of registering a limited company is the fact that you will no longer be personally liable for any debts incurred during the course of trading. If you intend to deal with large organisations, they may require you to register a UK company before they will sign contracts. On the downside, moving from being self-employed to owning a limited company will mean that the authorities will require you to submit more detailed yearly returns.

Coddan Formations Agent can help you meet the annual reporting requirements of running a limited company with our optional accounting and bookkeeping services. For a reasonable annual fee these will ensure that you meet all of your legal companies registration requirements. We can also act as your VAT registered agent, collecting invoices and even preparing and submitting returns on your behalf. As part of the basic UK company formation package, Coddan offers a referral to either Barclays, Lloyds, RBS or NatWest as part of the process of registering a business account with a limited company registration. You will still be subject to the bank's own identity and credit checks after being referred.

Create a UK Company

Company registration & directors' nationality

There is no requirement for the officers of your company to be UK citizens or residents, nor for them to hold valid work permits. Owning, or being an officer of a UK company does not, however, grant you any right to live or work in the UK if you are a foreign national. To register a company in the UK you must have a valid registered office address in the United Kingdom. Call us to discuss your incorporation needs and see how we can help.

On top of the basic private LTD company registration package, Coddan Formations Agency have three more packages with additional services for UK residents to choose from. The second adds extra documents including share certificates, the company's register and the minutes of a meeting of the board of directors. The third offers all of these documents, but elegantly printed and bound in leather. The final package includes the provision of a prestigious registered address in London with mail forwarding. To maintain the office address after year one incurs an annual fee of £75.00 only.