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Company Start-Up and Filing Procedure

UK company formations procedure and required steps

UK Company Start-Up

UK company formations procedure: we have a number of limited companies startup packages to suit various requirements. The price starts at just £24.99 and includes electronic certificate of incorporation and tailor-made memorandum and articles of association, we do not use the standard model articles as many other registered agencies are do. Our online service for company creation includes the option of a free business banking account with Barclays, RBS, Lloyds or NatWest. In addition, clients can also apply for the VAT registration.

Those applying to start a private company for the first time need to be mindful of the name they have chosen for it. By law, the corporate name must end in either "Limited" or "Ltd". For people in Wales, they can choose the Welsh "Cyfyngedig" or "Cyf" in place of "Limited". We have added a number of important notes to the order form to help you to avoid some common mistakes that sometimes result in Companies Registrar rejecting a limited company establishment' application.

Also, in the actual name you have chosen for your new  corporate incorporation, there are various words that are not allowed by Companies House. These include sensitive words that may cause offence and those that may imply the business has a connection to the government. Of course, you cannot have a name if it already exists on the Company House register, and all new applications are first checked. If there is a problem with your chosen name, we will contact you to discuss the matter.

To setting up a limited company with Coddan, you do not need to create an account with us; you do not need to apply for any sort of a membership on our website. All you need to do is to complete our private company formation application, pay for the order and we will do the rest. If you need to open only one company, it is not a big issue, if you need to establish many firms for behalf of your customers, all of your orders will be under your own control, through our web-admin client administration panel.

Those registering a limited company online with us, can also avail of our official registered office address service, which grants a level of privacy and also privilege, as we provide official addresses at prime locations in cities around the country, including the provision of a registered address in London, business address in Liverpool, legal address in Manchester, registered office address in Belfast and registered business address in Edinburgh. Starting a limited company online is a fast and efficient way to get your business created so you can quickly get it off the ground.

UK Trust Registration

UK trusts registration

Limited company ownership and management via the trust registration: as legislation makes it harder and harder to own or manage a business without encountering mountains of red tape, more and more business people choose to register trusts through which they can operate their companies. As well as offering a greater amount of confidentiality in an increasingly transparent world, using a trust in this way can also protect your assets and lower your tax bill. At Coddan, we've helped countless UK and non-UK residents to establish the trusts for this very purpose. If you are looking for ways to boost your business privacy and maximise your bottom line, consider the following benefits of this venture.

There are various ways to open UK limited company, and we shall guide you through the process, and advise you whether an off the shelf company or ready-made company, or your own-name company is most suitable for you. You will not need to complete paper forms, as everything managed electronically, and once the actual entity been registered, we can help you with a much wider range of business services including the bookkeeping and accountancy services, tax advice & annual accounts preparation.

Our primary objective is to minimise your tax liabilities whilst maximising your income. Coddan provides customers with private companies start-up services, and a full range of business support services to help your company develop and enjoy profitable growth into the future.