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Setting-up a private limited company digitally within the UK for the first time can seem like a daunting task, but it's easier than you might think with the right guidance and assistance. Whatever your main reasons for the digital setting-up a limited company, there are various incorporation packages on offer that can make it quick and simple and can help you along the way. So, how do you go about fast setting-up of a private company in the UK?

1. Decide on the details

To make your company successful, you need to be decisive about how you're going to run it. Firstly, you need to choose a name, and it's sensible to choose one that is memorable and will represent what it is that your company is going to offer. You can opt for a professional-sounding name or a more light-hearted one, depending on the goods or services that you wish to provide. Next, consider whom you want to be the director of your company.

It could be yourself or a trusted formation agents, but it should be someone who is prepared to follow company ethos and is skilled at keeping records and being responsible for filing your taxes. Equally, you should choose one or more shareholders or guarantors, which will vary according to whether or not your new company is for profit or not. You will also need to identify the people with significant control over your company.

Generally, these are people that hold more than one-quarter of the shares or voting rights in the business. Once you have all your information in place, you're ready to start quick new setting-up of a limited company.

2. Employ help from experienced professionals to set-up the limited company in easy way

Whether you have previous business experience or you are setting-up a private company at low-cost for the first time, it can make the whole process of rapid setting-up your company easier if you have help and support from professionals formation experts to assist with all the major details involved in starting a new company.

There can be a lot to consider when you set-up a private company on-line, such as registering your business address, paying your government filing fee and making your VAT and EORI registration, so enlisting a service to take care of this can ease your worries and ensure that you don't miss anything essential for the future success of your company.

Hiring someone to carry out these services can also allow you to devote your time to preparing the running of your company rather than dealing with the unnecessary stress of doing the initial setting-up a private company on-line alone.

3. Choose the kind of help that you need with your simple set-up limited company

Choosing the right package is really important. There are various incorporation packages available to aid with the same-day set-up a private company in the UK, depending on how much assistance you desire.

Varying according to the type of business that you want to fill-up a limited company, what services you're offering and the level and forms of support that you require, there is a private limited company registration package that will suit your needs.

For a simple yet effective fill-in  a private company, you can choose an inexpensive LTD company registration package that takes care of the essential basics, such as registering your business address and appointing your directors and shareholders.

This works well for professionals such as accountants and solicitors who are registering-up companies for their own clients. There are also more extensive company fill-out packages on offer, including those which provide you with a laminated certificate of incorporation and a printed and bound copy of your articles of association, which will enrich the professional feeling of your business and give it that extra edge that you might be seeking. Your Certificate of Incorporation is will be printed on Companies House approved paper document.

4. Don't be afraid to protect your privacy

Whilst setting-up a company, you can choose to register your business address at your home address. However, sometimes it can be worth paying a little more money in order to register at a prestigious office address that will ensure clients and other businesses don't have access to your home address.

Not only does this protect your privacy, but having a separate registered office address can enhance your level of professionalism and can instill your company with more status and prestige. If you don't have a company registered yet, you can always start a new company formation in UK with Coddan.