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Post private limited company formation: having a limited enity offers plenty of advantages - it gives the director prestige, the owner's liability is limited, and it also offer several tax benefits. However, once a private company has been registered it needs to be maintained. This work, whether they actually end up doing it themselves, is the responsibility of the limited company directors. Perhaps the main responsibility post company registration is the keeping of the books, as all limited companies are obliged to keep records of accounts, as well as any statutory information, which is for the benefit of company shareholders. This information is also freely available to the public domain.

The accounting for a limited company must be carried out in a specific way. Guidance on how to do this is available through the Companies Act. Although for many, the process of keeping and maintaining accounts is both a lengthy and painful one. That said, it is very much a necessary one. Those who miss the deadline for their tax returns are liable for heavy fines and penalties. Fortunately, Coddan is able to offer limited companies a full accounting and bookkeeping service, freeing up company directors to get on with running their businesses, with the added piece of mind that their accounts are safe in the hands of competent experts.

Coddan is able to put this expertise in the field of accounting to further good use, by offering limited companies a further valuable service in the shape of business planning and advice. By preparing your annual accounts, together with continual monitoring of your accounts throughout the year, it is able to put a clear picture of what direction your business is headed in. Coddan uses this information to produce business reviews of your company's performance. Armed with this newly found insight and expertise you are in a far better position to make a series of informed decisions on how you want your business to plan for the future. By saving you time on paperwork, we can use its expertise and knowledge to help your business to prosper and grow in the future.