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Formation of private limited companies for British and overseas clients

When it comes to registering your private company in the United Kingdom, there are a multitude of different things to consider, regardless of whether you reside inside or outside of the country. Business start-up is essentially the act of registering a private company, or an LTD, in order to protect any personal assets against the risks posed by any business venture.

New incorporation is also invaluable when it comes to conducting the trading activity, as the status and credibility afforded to private companies can help to attract new customers. As a matter of fact, some larger customers tend only to deal with LTD's, making it a worthwhile investment.

The good news is that private company registration in Great Britain needn't be expensive, and neither should it be too difficult to understand. Coddan's team of business management strategists are available to guide you step-by-step through the incorporation processes involved, and it's even possible to register a private limited company online and begin trading in a number of hours, regardless of whether you're based in the country of incorporation or abroad.

To form a private limited company with us is easy and quick!

In business, it's safe to say that time is of the essence. If you require swift, no-nonsense, same-day new private company registration, we can deliver, often within an hour. With years of business start-up experience, our well-known team of formation experts is on-hand to explain the processes involved in a private company registration, and how it can benefit you and your business.

Of course, a major step for any business owner is to identify precisely which sort of corporate structure will best facilitate successful practices. Although the processes involved with registering of a private company are designed first and foremost to encourage new firms, there are a number of practical issues which can often hinder an application, particularly if the owner has little previous experience of a new private company registration.

Coddan's expertise extends to all facets of enterprise formation, and we currently help hundreds of local and overseas based customers to register their private companies within the England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland, with prices starting from as little as £64.99.

Leave the registration of a private limited company to the trusted professionals

Starting a business? Don't know where to begin? You aren't alone. Some people have arrived at the point you have reached because they have found their dream job just isn't there and they have a good idea for a business. Others are keen to construct a business to fit with the life goals they have set themselves. There are those who are looking to expand their existing business or they may have a burning desire to extend their main business concept in to the market.

Where to start? What type entity to choose? How to go about registering a private company? The experts & professional company formation agents at Coddan have devised a range of private limited company set-up packages to help. The range of solutions they have developed aims to cut through the hassle of trawling through loads of paper work and strenuous order forms, and end the need of procrastinating over what additional extras - especially because the chances are you may not even need any of them.

Speak with our trained advisers before to start the formation of a company

Coddan's team is happy to help you make the right choices and give you the benefit of their experience with tips on the advantages and disadvantages of control, tax and liability issues. We can even provide directors and shareholders service addresses, we can also to assist you with the provision of a single alternative inspection address for your business. Coddan's formations team is able to sign any required documents, including filing annual accounts, filing of annual returns and the bank mandates.

So, whatever your motivation to be your own boss, there is nothing stopping you acting today. Coddan's private company registration advisers not only help with choosing the type of company to set up but also take responsibility for managing and doing the bookkeeping for your company or limited liability partnership. From the simplest private company fill-in to providing all the required corporate documentation, apostille authorisation or accessing notary certification, Coddan can help.

Private company registration with a secretary

The company secretary usually acts as the chief administrative officer of the private company, leaving the directors free to concentrate on running the business. The company secretary does not have to be a director but they do share some of the directors' legal responsibilities. You can delegate secretary work to an outside expert - for example, a company secretarial service provider. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

Coddan's team of formation experts aids the process by examining the best type of company your business needs - for example a company limited by shares, a company limited by guarantee, a public company limited by shares, a community interest company, or a limited partnership - and providing all the matching corporate documentation.

The process is defined by the Companies Act 2006, which stipulates that companies can only be registered for lawful purposes by one or more persons, and, with regards to the memorandum and articles of association, the founding shareholders must subscribe their names. As well as guiding you through your company formation in UK, Coddan also offers other services including tax planning and preparing annual tax returns and accounts.

For the best company formation - choose the best - choose Coddan!