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Filing of annual return for tax-resident company with the Companies House

Tax Resident Company Setting-Up

Filing of annual return for tax-resident company with the Companies House: all UK companies must file an annual return with Companies House. The annual return provides a snapshot of the current state of a limited company including its share capital, shareholders, registered office address, secretary (if applicable) and its directors.

Returns must be sent every year within four weeks of the private company's registration anniversary or date of the last submission. Companies House do send reminders, and returns can be filed online or on paper. Failure to meet the deadline can result in Companies House closing down the tax-resident company and/or prosecuting the directors. Fines of up to £5,000 may be imposed.

Business start-up agents, such as Coddan, can take care of your annual return for you, which makes sure that it is done correctly and on time. An annual return must include: -

  • The registered office address of the company
  • The type of business (catering, accountancy or retail for example)
  • The address at which the list of company shareholders is kept
  • The type of company, for example, limited by guarantee or limited by shares
  • The names and addresses of all directors and the company secretary where applicable
  • The amount and the value of all shares issued and who they were issued to
  • Where the details of the company's debentures are kept (debentures are loans which must be paid back at a specific point in the future)

The annual return is completely separate from a tax-resident company's accounts, which must also be provided to Companies House. All limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) must submit an annual return. Unincorporated businesses, for example ordinary partnerships and self-employed sole traders, do not need to submit an annual return.

Some company limited by shares details are not required to be included in the annual return every year. For example, a list of shareholders only needs to be provided every three years. Because of these changing requirements, the process of filling out an annual return can become complicated. An expert in annual returns and company formation, such as Coddan, can provide the right help and advice to make sure that the return is completed correctly.