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Unlimited company registration in 24 hours

We can help you to register a new unlimited company within a day, and all you need is to choose the best unlimited company formation option below for your situation. And if you're ready to create the unlimited entity, we'll walk you through it. Get started incorporating your unlimited company today! Why not get in touch with us now and find out how quickly and easily you can have your own unlimited company set-up in the Great Britain? Our business startup consultants will be pleased to answer all of your queries about the unlimited company start-up in England, Scotland, Wales and North of Ireland, and to assist you along the way. We are London based, and our online unlimited company establishment form is officially approved, so we can open an unlimited company with Companies House quickly. The registration of an unlimited company takes from one to five business days.

Unlimited company formation packages




This UK unlimited company registration option with business bank account is for customers who have a UK address and want to keep things simple, paper free without any hassles or gimmicks.

We will send you the following documents upon unlimited company formation by mail:

    • The certificate of your company registration;
    • The memorandum & articles of association for unlimited company.
    • The free referral to corporate bank account (Lloyds, RBS or Barclays).



The service of registration of a British, Scottish and Irish unlimited company with bank account is only open to people who have a UK address and require the basic service of an unlimited company start-up along with additional documentation which will be sent by mail free of charge.

This offer for an unlimited companies creation in UK includes all services offered in the first option along with :

  • The certificates of shares;
  • The required registers;
  • The certificate of incorporation (laminated);
  • The meeting of the board of directors.



This package incorporation of an unlimited company in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland is for those customers who want all the traditional trappings of an unlimited company set-up with impressive bound documents.

This offer also includes all the benefits mentioned in the first and the second options along with the free delivery of:

  • One set of the memorandum and articles of association along with the company's register which are all printed and premium bound;
  • The first meeting of the board of directors, elegantly printed share certificates and the official company rubber stamp;
  • You also get the certificate of the beneficial owner.



This unlimited company formation package is meant especially for expatriates and UK residents who require to open an unlimited company with prestigious London address as their registered office address.

This offer establishment of an unlimited company includes all incorporation benefits mentioned in the first and second options along with:

  • A London address as the registered company address;
  • All government mail forwarding;
  • With secretarial compliance service and the certificate of the registered office address.

Registering an unlimited company in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Unlimited company registration in 24 hours: we recognise that when registering an unlimited company in the United Kingdom, some of our clients may not meet all the requirements of Companies House, which is the official registrar. Some, for instance, might not have sufficient personnel to propose for the positions of directors or an unlimited company secretary. There's no need to worry, however, because you can easily use our nominee service and we will provide them. We guarantee they will have no control over your unlimited company, as they will be there in name only, and they can be changed at any time of your choosing. Our nominee service also provides confidentially for firms that wish to keep their real corporate officers anonymous.We can incorporate a UK unlimited company for you within 24 hours!

Unlimited company registration online: as importantly, we can provide an official registered address for clients who are looking for an unlimited company formation, at a prestigious location in leading cities around the country, we can supply a legal address in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool and in Manchester. This is extremely useful for those who don't currently have an office or who don't wish to reveal the real location of where they’re doing business. The registered office address in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we provide will only be used for correspondence, and can forward post from the authorities on to your current postal address.

Establishment of an unlimited company online: in many cases, unlimited companies are not required to file annual accounts with Companies House, which is one of the main attractions of this type of firm. But in certain situations, the preparation and filing of annual accounts are required. If your unlimited company needs to do so, we can help with our accounting services and prepare and file the accounts for you, saving your firm a large amount of administration time that can be better spent on running your unlimited company.


Are you ready to establish an unlimited company?

UK Unlimited Company Formation

Unlimited companies registration: everybody has heard of limited companies, but it's not the only option open to you when registering a new business entity. An unlimited company is a structure where the liability of the members is not limited or restricted. There can still be shares issued, but unlike a limited company, if the venture fails, the shareholders have a joint obligation to fund any shortfall in the assets.

Traditionally, the unlimited company registration process can involve expensive solicitors, consume a lot of your time and be confusing, but at Coddan Formations Agency, unlimited company registration is something we specialise in.

There are many benefits to establishing an unlimited company: secrecy - an unlimited company normally doesn't have to publish its accounts. Market needs - the company might need to trade in a country or geographic region where a limited company is not accepted. Confidence - creditors and financial institutions know they have a low risk when supporting an unlimited corporation. Stability - because the shareholders are responsible for losses, the risk to other external partners is low.

Sustainable - the company generates enough investment or turnover so that it doesn't need to use traditional lenders. Flexible - you can develop complex business strategies. Accountable - decision-making and the conduct of the board are generally of a high standard. International - registration of an unlimited company can help make it easier to navigate through foreign tax laws. We are experts at unlimited company start-up, and if you use our officially approved online unlimited company start up application form, we will begin the process as soon as we receive your details.

If you prefer to speak to us directly about the opening an unlimited company in Great Britain, you can contact us by phone at +44 (0) 207 935 5171, or 0330 808 0089 or e-mail, and we'll talk you through everything about an unlimited company formation and start-up. Our unlimited companies creation fees are one of the lowest in the business start-up market. 

Unlimited company setting-up for British and international customers: are you looking to create an unlimited company in the United Kingdom? Coddan offers this service to its customers. An unlimited company is a separate legal body where there is no limit to the liability of the members. This means that its shareholders are protected, and this kind of company is more closely associated with a sole trader and partnership business that have unlimited liability. Another advantage of an unlimited company set-up is that it is exempt from filing accounts with the registrar.

The reasons for wanting to registering an  unlimited company might be to benefit from the manner in which shares can be distributed and the continuance of the business should one owner retire or become deceased. Registering an unlimited company with Coddan is straightforward and quick process, and by using the latest technology, one of our experienced agents can register a new unlimited company within as little as six hours. So, if you need an assistance with unlimited company establishment in Great Britain, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) to get things going!

Incorporate an unlimited company in the United Kingdom

Formation of an Unlimited Company

If you're thinking about an unlimited company registration in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and are wondering what the best way to go about it is, you've come to the right place. Here at Coddan, we can have your new unlimited company startup in no time, with the minimum of fuss and at a highly competitive rate.

Most people choose to register private companies in the UK, whether limited by shares or limited by guarantee company, but in some situations, setting-up an unlimited company can be a better option because it offers certain advantages.

Clearly, not every business can say with absolute certainty that they pose no risk of going bust, but some actually can. Not having to file accounts and making them available on the public register at Companies House is one way to protect a company's financial information.

There are, however, some situations where an unlimited company is required to file annual accounts with Companies House, such as if it was a banking or insurance firm during the financial year, or a limited company, or in a Scottish partnership where the other parties were limited companies, among others.

Other than that, an unlimited company incorporation is fairly similar to a limited one, as it normally has shareholders and directors and gets the same type of statutory formation certificates. However, you'll need to bear in mind that the structure of an unlimited company means that its directors or members will be responsible for any debts that occur, and they will have to personally pay them off, meaning their personal assets may be at risk.

If you'd like to know more about registering an unlimited company in the UK, get in touch with us now and our expert business start-up consultations will be happy to tell you all you need to know.

People with significant control

Important note about the unlimited companies

As far as you know that from 2016 all British companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee and limited liability partnerships are required to provide and register information about the people with the significant control with Companies House. Information about the person(s) of the significant control is available for public records. You should bearer in mind, that the UK registered unlimited companies are out of the scope of such regulations. You do not need to submit or provide the information of people with the significant control for the unlimited companies registered in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland.

One of the main benefits of having an unlimited company is that unlike others, there is no legal requirement to compile and file annual accounts with Companies House. This is because an unlimited company is deemed to be a financially sound organisation, one that's at little or no risk of going bankrupt. With us, you can apply for an unlimited company formation with the registered office address, VAT registration, and the tailor made memorandum and articles especially drafted for the British, Scottish and Irish unlimited companies registrations!