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Unlimited company post-registration services

Unlimited Company Post-Formation

Unlimited company post-registration services: a good company formation agent won't forget about you as soon as your new enterprise is established. Here at Coddan Formations Agency, once we've register an unlimited company in the UK for our clients, we've got a range of post-registration services that will help to drive them forward.

One of the main reasons our clients opt for unlimited companies, over the more traditional companies limited by guarantee or shares, is there's usually no legal requirement to file annual accounts with the authorities. Not only does this save a lot of accounting time but it also protects the unlimited firm's confidentiality, because its finances will not be publicly available – competitors, the media and anyone else will not be able to access it as it won't be on the public record at Companies House.

But not every unlimited company is the same. Some can be offshoots of a limited company, and in such cases they will be legally bound to submit their financial data. The same is true for unlimited companies involved in various sectors during the financial year, such as insurance and banking. Here's where we can help. Our post-formation services include expert accounting and bookkeeping, so if your unlimited company needs to file annual accounts, we can prepare them and do it for you.

We're also experts at taxation, another vital area for firms, but one that can also take up a great deal of their time and resources. We can help to ensure your unlimited company is properly registered for tax and that all returns are submitted and on time so your firm won't risk being subjected to fines and other penalties could damage the reputation of your enterprise.

Among our other post-registration services is the provision of a single alternative inspection location, known as SAIL. From time to time the authorities will want to carry out inspections of a firm and to check their official documentation.

So instead of them coming to your actual premises, they will arrive at the SAIL address that we provide. This facility also provides protection from any creditors who may turn up at your own premises demanding payment.

If you have any particular unlimited company post-registration requirements, contact us today and we'll do our best to assist.