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Vintage Readymade Companies For Sale

We are selling vintage aged ready made companies: at Coddan, we have many vintage ready-made companies, old off-the-shelf companies for sale from years including 1978, 1995, 1996 and 2002. Each vintage shelf company is supplied with its certificate of incorporation, articles of association and memorandum, as well as a company register minute book. You may be asking why someone would buy an old ready made or aged off the shelf company. The reasons are pretty straightforward: it helps to reduce paperwork and gets a business up and running quickly.
New company formation has to submit many forms in order to register with Companies House. This can take time, but a aged ready made firm already has its documentation in place and just needs the owner's name to be added. If you have an important deal or contract in the works that requires a new company being registered, buying an existing one is a great option as you will not have to wait for a new registration number to be created.
Vintage Ready Made Company

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Aged Company For Sale

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The cheapest way to start a new company registration
#3. Vintage Readymade Companies For Sale



BUSINESS TRADE RE-INSURANCE SERVICES LTD: this vintage ready made company was registered in 2003. This aged company is dormant and never was engaged into the business activity.

The following documents are included into this aged shelf company offer:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The share transfer documents & certificate of non-trading.



EUROSOFT CORPORATION LTD: this vintage ready made company was founded in 2001. This aged off the shelf company is dormant and never was engaged into the business activity.

The following items are included into this aged shelf company offer:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The share transfer documents & certificate of non-trading.



ENGLISH CLASSICS RACING LTD: this vintage off the shelf company was incorporated in 1995. This aged ready made company is dormant and never was engaged into the business activity.

The following items are included into this vintage ready-made company offer:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The share transfer documents & certificate of non-trading.



BIZSTARTUP365 LTD: we have a unique offer, an old ready made company with the trading history in the past, and such company registered in 1978! Imagine how many clients will prefer to do business with a company which is 37 years old!

With this old ready-made company package we will provide the following services:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The share transfer documents & certificate of non-trading.

We Are Selling Vintage Ready-Made Companies, Buy a Vintage Ready Made Company

The companies we have on offer have names suitable to a wide range of industries. Some even have single names, making them suitable to most types of trading. What's more, many are registered offshore in places such as the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Belize and the Seychelles, as well as US States such as Delaware, New York, Colorado and Florida.

In terms of vintage companies, the obvious advantage is that they will give your firm the appearance of being established for longer. In addition to that, some organisations only accept bids for contracts from businesses that have been registered for a number of years (typically a minimum of two to four years for governmental and local authority contracts). This can be a major issue for new companies, even if their staff are experienced, but purchasing a vintage company provides an easy and affordable solution. In some cases, the longevity of a company can also open up lines of credit that would be simply unattainable to newly registered firms. Many banks and building societies will only consider applications if a company has been in existence for three years or more and that can be a major stumbling block for enterprises when they need to raise capital the most. Check out our range of vintage ready made companies to find one that suits your needs.

Buy a Vintage Ready Made Company in the UK, Buy Off The Shelf Vintage Company: The Main Uses Of The Vintage Shelf Companies

Buy a Vintage Ready Made Company

Read ymade vintage companies for sale: if you're in a hurry to get your new limited company started, you could have one up and running in hours by selecting from vintage ready-made companies for sale. Company formation experts have vintage company already registered and waiting for you to take over. After an official name change and the transfer of members, your vintage company will officially be yours - a company formation process that usually takes just a few hours. A company formation expert can also help you with a range of associated tasks such as setting up a bank account and arranging your vintage company's tax affairs. Hiring your own expert will be a cost-effective way of ensuring your new limited company is legally compliant and suitable for your needs. If you need an assistance with buying a vintage company to start a business, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Buy a Vintage Readymade Company: We are Selling Vintage Readymade Companies

We are Selling Vintage Readymade Companies

We are selling vintage ready made companies: an aged readymade company gives your new business the benefit of a long history. With companies dating back to 1978, our vintage readymade companies can be yours quickly and easily.

Why go vintage? In many cases, new companies are limited in what they can do. They might not have a long enough history to get certain types of finance. Many government contracts require that a company has been in existence for a certain number of years. This means that a brand new company is not eligible to bid for this kind of work. A vintage company helps you get around these problems. By having a company that has been established for a certain number of years, you are instantly able to do things like bid for contracts and apply for financing.

How a shelf company works: when you buy a ready-made company, also known as a shelf company, your business purchases a company that has already been through the incorporation process. There is no wait and no hassle - we simply transfer the company's assets to your chosen directors. You get the benefit of a company with a clean history, with no debts or liabilities, that stretches back a few years or even a few decades.

You can even trade under a different name. Simply use the shelf company as the proprietor of your trading business. With all of our shelf companies formed with general commercial objects, they are perfect for any use. Many also include VAT registration, meaning you don't need to wait to register for VAT.

A shelf company is one that has never traded since it was formed. You will have the benefits of an existing business without the risks or potential problems associated with purchasing a company that does have trading history. In many cases, the time since incorporation is all that is required for the benefits, such as bidding and financing.

Coddan has an extensive range of vintage ready made companies that are available to purchase. We have companies dating back to 1978, 1995, 1996, 2002, and many other years. Search our regularly updated database to see what is available now.

Vintage Readymade Company For Sale: The Advantages of Vintage Ready-Made Companies

Advantages of Vintage Ready-Made Companies

The advantages of vintage ready-made companies: everyone's familiar with the "established in" tags usually found on the labels of old, distinguished companies, such as Heinz (established 1869) or Levi Strauss & Co (established 1853). The age of these brands lends them a certain venerability; a sense that they've always been there, reliably providing their services through the generations.

This highlights one of the main advantages of purchasing what's known as a vintage company; the fact that age is so often connected in the minds of customers with steadfast reliability. If a company has survived and been serving customers for such a long period, it must have something good to offer; at least that's how the thought process often works.

So, what exactly is a vintage company, and how does it differ to companies purchased from new? A vintage company is the name given to any company that has already been registered as a company for a set amount of time. Perhaps it's been registered for two years, or maybe it's been on the books for several decades. Either way, both would be classed as vintage companies. Here at Coddan, we offer a range of vintage companies depending on your preference. Whether you're looking to set up a retail business with an "established 1970" date tag, or simply a fresh fruit smoothie company that's been on the books for ten years, we'll be able to provide one to perfectly fit your requirements.

So, what are some of the other advantages of purchasing a vintage company? Besides increased trust within your customer base, a vintage company also has increased appeal to those looking to invest in the brand. The idea that a limited company has been around for many years creates the impression that the company is less likely to go bust; after all, it hasn't failed for the past x number of years, so why should it now? This appeals to the risk-averse nature of many investors. The same can be said for creditors, who often feel that an established company can be relied on to make repayments.

Another advantage of purchasing a vintage company is that, because the name has been registered for a while, other companies are less likely to object to the name or consider it as being too similar to their own. Of course, this assumes that you wish to keep the name of the company as it already stands, but, with such a range of vintage companies on offer, we should be able to provide one of a suitable name and age to suit your requirements.

Vintage Ready Made Company For Sale: Vintage Readymade Companies vs Newly-Registered Companies

Vintage Ready Made Company For Sale

Vintage ready made companies vs newly-registered companies: when purchasing a readymade company here at Coddan, you essentially have two options: you can either opt for a company which is newly-registered, or you can purchase a vintage company. So, what are the differences between the two?

A newly-registered company is a company that is ready-made and has only recently been registered. A vintage company, on the other hand, is also ready made, but differs in that it hasn't been registered recently - instead, it has already been registered for a certain period of time (hence the term "vintage"). The age of a vintage company is not defined; a company can be two years old or 50, and both would be classed as vintage.

So the primary difference between the two different types of company is age. However, there are also various other advantages of buying a newly-registered or a vintage company, depending on your preferences. These should help you to decide which one is best for your business.

One difference between the two is that vintage companies allow the owner to add the "established in (date when the company was registered)" to labels, stationary, and various other documents. This is a great way of increasing trust in the company by customers, investors, and creditors. The general feeling is that if a company has already been around for a while, it's probably quite reliable and is unlikely to make any shocking and damaging changes.

However, vintage companies often come registered under a certain name, and you may feel it necessary to change this name upon purchasing the brand. Furthermore, if a customer has not heard of a brand, however long it's been established, they will be unlikely to trust it as much as a brand such as Heinz, which is both vintage and well-known.

Newly-registered companies, on the other hand, are established very recently, and so cannot claim to have been around for decades. However, this does mean that the company name can be easily changed, and the business could benefit from being fresh and new.

Main Uses of Vintage Shelf Companies

Main Uses of Vintage Shelf Companies

Main uses of vintage shelf companies: registering a brand new company from scratch takes time and effort. In the past, this involved waiting days for paper forms and hard copies to be registered with Companies House. Even in the modern age of online registration, there are still many reasons to choose to purchase a ready-made vintage company instead: -

Instant registration number: you may have an urgent need for a company registration number, and this would take time to obtain if you needed to start a brand new company. For example, you may have a major contract that you don't want to lose, and by getting a company registration number immediately you can secure that deal. When you purchase a vintage shelf company, you will get an existing company number to use straightaway.

Evidence of establishment: a vintage shelf company will have been in existence for several years. This can pass on significant advantages to your business, particularly when bidding for major jobs and public sector work. Often, such contracts carry a condition that all bidding contractors must have been fully registered and established for a certain number of years. For companies that are newly formed, this can prevent them from accessing many lucrative opportunities. In contrast, by purchasing a vintage company off the shelf, you will be able to benefit from its registration history and bid for those big contracts immediately.

Prestige of history: even where there is no formal requirement for a company to have been established for a certain period of time, it can still be beneficial to have a registration date some years in the past. Many customers and clients, both individuals and organisations, will look at a company's length of incorporation as a way of judging its reliability. If they're considering dealing with your business for the first time, they are likely to be reassured if your company has been established for several years. In contrast, if your company has only just been registered, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere.

Coddan vintage shelf companies: Coddan has pre-registered a large number of ready made companies over many years. These generally include a widely drawn memorandum and articles of association, a certificate of incorporation, nominee directors and secretaries, and registered business addresses. These vintage companies are ready to use immediately.

Use a Vintage Readymade Company to Open a Branch Office in Your Home Country

Vintage Shelf Companies For Sale

Use a vintage ready-made company to open a branch office in your home country: if you are looking to open up a branch office of your business in your home country, it may be worthwhile buying a shelf company; this is much simpler than registering your company as a brand new entity and then trying to open a branch of your own, get bank loans and so on. There are many reasons that people choose to buy a ready made company rather than starting their business from scratch, and when it comes to being able to set up a branch office, it is one of the easiest ways to do so. When you want to open a branch office, you should use an old ready made company because of: -

Speed: if you use an aged ready made company that has been established for two to five years, your home country should allow you to open a branch office straight away. Whereas if you were to set up a brand new company, in some countries you would not be allowed to set up a branch office until your company had been running for at least two years. In this case, it makes it much faster and easier to get your branch set up right away.

The ability to get credit easily: it can cost a lot of money to set up a branch office, and new businesses will often rely on credit to get their branch set up, and then pay this money back when they start to make a profit. You will be far more likely to get credit from a bank if you have a company that already has a history, as this legitimises the business for the bank. If you apply for a line of credit with a shelf company, you are far more likely to get it.

The ease of getting new contracts: you are more likely to make a successful bid on a new contract if you have a company with a trading history. Just as with setting up a branch office, many agencies will need to see that a business has been up and running for a specific amount of time before they will accept any bids.

How Vintage (Aged) Ready Made Companies Are Registered

Aged Shelf Companies For Sale

Over many years, Coddan has been registering and incorporating companies for the sole purpose of helping businesses and individuals who need a pre-registered company in a very short period of time. Buying a vintage readymade company means you can benefit from an established history and you can immediately prove your longevity. This can help you secure contracts and obtain lines of credit that would be unobtainable for brand new companies.

What we do: when we register a shelf company, we choose a name and register it with Companies House. Some of our names relate to particular industries or business activities, such as the arts, engineering, finance, consultancy or manufacture. Others are generic names that could be used for any kind of business. All of our vintage readymade companies are set up using our own nominee shareholder, nominee director and nominee secretary as the subscribers to both the memorandum and articles of association. Our nominees are also the first officers. In each case, we have already obtained an incorporation certificate, which means these companies are ready to trade immediately.

What we don't do: our vintage ready-made companies have never been used for any kind of trading or business activity. They will have been dormant since their date of incorporation. Our companies will have no liabilities and no judgments against them. Our companies will have no debts associated with them, and their history will be totally clean - guaranteed.

What you can do when you buy a vintage ready-made company from Coddan: you can start trading straightaway, and you can conduct any nature of business. You can use the company name and registration number to bid for contracts and apply for credit lines. You can keep the existing name, or choose a new one if you wish. You can immediately access all the formation documents, including the memorandum and articles of association and the certificate of incorporation. You can nominate your own directors, secretary, and shareholders, and you can change the registered business address free of charge. Alternatively, we are happy to continue to provide our own nominees and registered office address for your use, for an additional annual fee.

The Procedure to Buy a Vintage Ready Made Company From Us

Aged Vintage Ready Made Company

Coddan has a wide range of readymade companies available for purchase. All of them come complete with copies of the memorandum and articles of association and a certificate of incorporation. Readymade or "off the shelf" companies have been registered by Coddan specifically for the purpose of providing this service. They have been incorporated but have not carried out any kind of trading or business activity whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about previous history or liabilities. Readymade companies are available to be transferred immediately, and can be used straightaway.

The first step to purchase a vintage readymade company from us is to browse our list of available companies and find one that meets your requirements and criteria. There are several factors that you should take into consideration before making your choice: -

The name of the company: we have a wide array of company names available. Some reflect a particular business sector, such as engineering, finance, consulting, design or technology. Other company names are more generic, and could easily be applied to any business activity. On our website you will find a complete list of all of our vintage readymade company names currently available.

The date of registration: our old ready-made companies span a wide range of registration dates. Many are more than five, ten or even 15 years old. If you are intending to bid for large scale or public sector contracts and you need to meet a specific requirement for the length of registration of your company, make sure you check the registration date. On our website you can easily filter our list of vintage readymade companies by date of registration.

The type of company: we offer several different types of old ready made company to meet different needs. Some are limited by shares, with registered and bearer shares. Other readymade companies are limited by guarantee, and some are limited liability partnerships. We also have offshore shelf companies available.

How to buy: we accept orders 24 hours a day online, or via telephone during UK office hours. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or Delta. Call us, or use our online "live help" service if you have any questions about the purchase procedure. Your company can be up and running within just ten minutes!

Changing the Name of a Vintage Shelf Company

Changing the Name of a Vintage Company

If you purchase a vintage shelf company – one that was established some time ago and is up to date with all its regulatory filings and other obligations – you may need to change the name of the enterprise to one you've already chosen. Our company formation experts here at Coddan can assist you in the process, so that it's done correctly and you can get on with running your new business.

In order to change the name of the vintage shelf company, the directors must first be in approval, and a special resolution will then be necessary to confirm the change. As for the new name itself, it will come under the same rules at Companies House as any company being incorporated.

That means the proposed name cannot already be in use or be similar to an existing one – we can check the register to see if that's the case, and advise you accordingly – and the words cannot be offensive or suggest the company is in any way linked to the government.

Other rules about new company names concern the use of various symbols that a firm might want to use in their name, and there's a list of sensitive words that can only be used if Companies House gives permission. They include such words as "British", Her (and His) Majesty and "Trust", among many others. Again, if your proposed name is on the list, we can liaise with Companies House to see if it can be used, or not.

If the new name is approved, it will take the place of the old one on the register of companies and a new certificate of incorporation will be issued, with the name becoming official on the date of issuance; it can then be used on signage, company notepaper, email and so on. It can take a week or more for the process to be completed, although it is possible to also have a same-day name change.

If you want to change the name of a vintage shelf company, either one you've already purchased or one you're thinking about buying, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Appointing Your Own Officers During the Time of Purchase of a Vintage Shelf Company

Changing the Director of a Vintage Company

All our vintage readymade companies are registered with our own nominees for shareholder, director and secretary. These named individuals are the subscribers to the memorandum and articles of association, and they are the first officers of the company. When you purchase a vintage shelf company from Coddan, you can immediately replace our nominated officers with your own - free of charge. Alternatively, for an annual fee, you can continue to use Coddan's nominees.

Under the Companies Act 2006, all private limited companies must have at least one nominated director, and all public companies must have at least two directors and a secretary. Company officers are those individuals who are officially named as directors and secretary of a company within its articles of association.

Company directors: directors are officially responsible for managing the company’s affairs in accordance with the law and the articles of association. Directors do not require any formal qualifications, and can generally be any adult of sound mind. However, individuals may be prohibited from being a company director if they are bankrupt or they have been disqualified from directorship by a court of law. In these circumstances, an individual may apply to the court for leave to take up a directorship. Company directors are legally responsible for filing certain documents with Companies House, including the company's annual accounts and returns and any notices of changes in directors, secretary or the registered office.

Company secretaries: the secretary must meet at least one of a number of qualification requirements. These include: holding the position of secretary for three out of the past five years; holding a position as barrister, advocate or solicitor in the UK; being a member of a professional body, such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants or the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators; or being a person whom the directors consider to be capable of discharging the functions of secretary.

A company secretary does not have any official duties under the law, but they will generally be required to: oversee the completion and submission of all statutory forms, provide notices of meetings and copies of accounts to the directors and auditors, send the registrar copies of resolutions and agreements, and take minutes of meetings.

Additional Services for Vintage Ready-Made Companies

Vintage Ready-Made Companies

A vintage ready made company is the best way for you to get your business off the ground without having to do very much to get it started. it is useful to buy a company that has been up and running for a number of years, as this will help to increase confidence in your company, making it easier for you to start trading and get the credit that you want as well as to bid on contracts and get customers to choose you. However, when you do choose a ready made company to get your company off the ground, there are a few things that you may not be happy with, or will want changed over before you get started. Here are some of the things that Coddan can help you with before you complete the process.

Changing the company name: you may be able to find a company name that actually suits your company perfectly, and that you are completely happy with. However, you may not like any of the company names available, or may simply want to be able to start your business afresh without any of the connotations associated with the business before. Coddan can change the name for you as the business is signed over to you.

Altering the memorandum or articles of association: the articles of association and memorandum are documents that are issued when any company is set up. These set out the intention to form a company, as well as the rules as to what the company can do, and how it is run. Companies registered before 1 October 2009 had restrictions set out in their articles of association that governed the types of transactions that the business could enter into. This means that older companies may need to have their articles altered to remove this objects clause. Coddan can do this for older companies.

Transferring shares: on signing the business over, it is possible to transfer any subscribers shares over to the new members of the company, and allot any new shares, which in turn increases the share capital. Coddan is also able to issue share certificates to make this official.