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Setup and Filing UK Business Formation LLP & Limited Partnerships

Fast LLP registration from £32.00 within 3-4 hours!

Filing and Set UP UK's LLP Formation Online Filed
Create LLP for British Start Up for Entrepreneurs



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If you based in the UK and have the valid address, this LLP registration is for you! This offer comes with the free referral to RBS, Lloyds, Barclays bank account. No documents to sign and no paper forms to file in.

To register an LLP's use simple application filing form online to submit an LLP's for WebFiling registration, apply online and get limited liability partnership registered simple.



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Do you have an address in the UK and looking for a new LLP registration with a Lloyds, Barclays or RBS bank account? This basic LLP start up is for you! We will send the most of your documents by e-mail, and the rest of them by post.

To set up an create an LLP, apply to file an LLP's online using easy application set filling a limited liability partnership electronic filed put take 1 business day.



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This traditional LLP incorporation offer is for local based clients, who want to get the complete extraordinary set of printed and bounded documents.

To start forming an LLP online, using our LLP's formation application and file electronic formed, the incorporation submission put the LLP filings take 1 business day.



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If you are based in the Great Britain, but do not wish to use your home address as the business address, this current LLP establishment option is for you!

To get an LLP filed simple online start register it by using easy-to-use Web-Filing electronic LLP application, to file submission accept takes 2 business hours.

UK LLP Creation for Setting Up LLP'a Starting -Up
Noncustomers Set up Create UK LLP Setups Online



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We have created this particular LLP set-up offer exclusively for our non-UK customers, who need to open a partnership with the London domiciled address for one year and secretary service.

Forming an LLP is fast and hassle-free when use our LLP registration filings application to electronic file LLP online bring setup forms to get business filed take 2 business hours.



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The second LLP establishment offer was created specifically for our non-UK clients, who are looking to register an LLP with one offshore based nominee member &, off course, the London based registered address.

To register and incorporate LLP's faster, using our rapid online simple-to-use filling LLP application's which forms electronic, apply to get LLP filed on same business day.



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The third LLP registrations offer was created mainly for our non-UK consumers, who are looking to set-up an LLP partnership with two offshore located nominee members &, off course, the London based registered address.

To form your LLP today, using file effortless-to-use forming an LLP's set up application online for LLP filings to get the partnership formation service take just 2 business hours.



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The fourth all-inclusive LLP incorporation option includes the verification of all of your documents by a solicitor or public notary with the final certification by the Foreign Office apostille.

We simple form and register LLP's, start forming to file an LLP by using our online simple-to-use application's filing forms, apply to file LLP formation document simply filed.

The "limited liability partnership" is an increasingly popular way for companies, particularly in the professional services sector, to establish. Coddan are leaders in LLP formation and LLP registration services. If you are considering using an LLP structure for a new business, talk to our team about the best way to do it to suit your business goals. The "limited" in LLP is the same as with limited companies - it is a limit on financial liability for the directors, meaning their assets cannot be taken away from them if the company fails. Just like with a limited company, an LLP is a separate legal entity. It can enter into contracts like a limited company and can enter finance agreements, which take charge over the LLP's assets.

LLP members are taxed as if they are self-employed. They are taxed just the once. This is unlike limited companies, which are taxed twice (corporation tax and income tax on dividends). The LLP structure offers genuine opportunities to employees to become partners. This acts as a huge incentive and can drive ambitious staff members forward in the quality of the work and commitment to the company. The shareholding that can be offered to new partners (named LLP members) can be set at whatever rate is desired - there is no need to give a new partner as big a shareholding in the LLP as a founder or much more established partner. LLPs offer real flexibility when it comes to participation in management.

If you've any questions then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further. Our LLP formation services start from just £32.00 and with Coddan, you are assured of excellent customer service and no hidden fees or charges - ever.


LLP formation with Coddan, London based expert with over 30 years of experience

Fast online LLP formation in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland: while we have pursued to include the majority of customer new LLP registration requirements identified by our numerous years of professional dealing with the LLP creation needs of both British and overseas clients, there may be LLP partnership establishment circumstances that you might have in addition to these. Often these are tax related issues, additional ownership or corporate documents required in your nation of origin.

Sameday British, Scottish and Irish LLP formation: we are glad to talk about any particular LLP startup issues, regardless of how complicated they are, and our impressive experience of managing LLP partnership creation & new limited liability partnerships incorporation crosswise the United Kingdom, permit us to give the precise new limited liability partnership set-up guidance and instructions & post LLP incorporation advice in the majority of cases. You can set up an LLP with us just in a couple of minutes; we can help with forming a limited liability partnership from £32.00**, and you will get the LLPs incorporation number and be the owner of an LLP on the same day. Government registrations charges are included into the cost of a partnership registrations options, - you will not be charged additional expense to set up a LLP on our web.

** For the solely custom fitted limited liability partnership with guaranteed bank account referral; the registered address service in three different locations in London, Surrey, or in North of Ireland, Scotland; registration for the VAT, & business service addresses, SAIL address, LLP members/partners service address, please get in touch with us to give your LLP startup needs & obtain the estimate of the LLP establishment prices.

The procedure for the creation of limited liability partnerships is identical to registration of a limited company, yet you need two separate bodies as your LLP members (partners). The process of setting up and running a limited liability partnership takes just a couple of hours. All you need to do is filing an application to form an LLP, and we will send you the whole set of your LLP established documents. In the event that you are uncertain about any part of shaping a LLP, or need to know more about strides and methodology for development of a LLP in the United Kingdom, please get in touch with us by telephone or email.

LLP partnership start-up within 1-3 hours from £32.00

UK LLP Registration

Same-day LLP formation: a limited liability partnership, is an optional approach to structure your business and has numerous preferences over a limited company or the traditional limited or general partnership if used correctly. Hence, if you are considering a limited liability partnership set-up, contact us for help and guidance, and get some information about our new partnership establishment opportunity that saves you funds. A limited liability partnership start-up is not confused to setting up than a private company, and there are additional costs involved, so it might not be the most effective structure for everyone. However, if you are thinking of LLP start up and get help, then, get in touch with Coddan for expert incorporation assistance. If you need a support with a partnership creation in the United Kingdom, you can likewise address our business experts between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 330.808.0089, or + (0) 207.935.5171.

Registering an LLP with Coddan

Register an LLP

Register an LLP in the United Kingdom: there is no need to waste valuable days registering an LLP with Companies House when you can do it quickly online with Coddan. We can register an LLP online in a matter of hours using our secure technology - while Companies House does not provide such a service at all - and our fees are as low as just £32.00. You can be assured of high-quality limited liability partnership creation with no hidden fees or costs. The procedure for incorporation of limited liability partnership is the same as for a limited company startup, all you need is complete our online application form, provide details of your LLP registered office address & details of two members, and we will do the rest, it is simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

Incorporate a limited liability partnership in United Kingdom: we offer four LLP formation options, for those seeking to register a partnership online, for those who have an address in the UK and want a straightforward registration with no fuss; for clients who have an existing registered address and want just basic LLP formation; for clients who want the traditional trappings of a legal LLP formation with high-quality bound documents; and for expatriates and residents, who require set-up an LLP with the prestige of having a registered office address in London.

Limited liability partnership formation procedure is simple and straightforward. If you are looking to register an LLP with the partnership agreement, we can help you - our second option comes with the partnership agreement.

It is important to have the original certificate of registration for things such as opening bank accounts, and we provide the certificate in accordance with legal requirements; that means it has to be printed in a certain way and on special paper. This is the same for an membership certificates.

LLP set up and register a limited liability partnership with us: our personalized setting-up of a partnership service enables you to get the best result in the shortest period possible. We have top advisers and consultants who know every detail of registering and starting-up a limited liability partnership in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

So why waste time? Register your LLP with Coddan today - with us, you can check the main difference in between LTD company vs LLP, you can also see how the UK entrepreneurs as using a limited liability partnership, and why overseas customers are choosing to register an LLP in the UK.

We can also help you to setting-up an LLP with trademark registration, if you need to comply with the VAT regulations, we can help you to register an LLP with VAT registration number.

We are working with several banks in UK, EU and other countries to bring you additional facilities and special offers that can save you time and money, we can offer you a special LLP formation package:incorporation of an LLP with bank account.

Why to set-up a limited liability partnership?

Limited liability partnership registration might just be the business structural paradise you have been looking for, protection to its members is identical to that of a limited company, but with the numerous of business and tax advantages to its members.

Unlike other types of the UK businesses, the limited liability partnership is the independent corporate entity, and is responsible for any debts, rather than its members. As its name implies, all partners of the LLP have the personal limited liability.

LLP can still act and function as a normal limited company: trading, re-selling, holding shares and interests in other companies, signing contracts and so on, but the reduced liability to the members means that the personal assets of the limited liability partnership' members will not be at risk should the LLP incur any debts.

LLP Registration Requirements

The LLP Start-Up Specification

A minimum of two designated members are required to establish a limited liability partnership, and the corporate bodies are allowed. An LLP member can be of any origin; or, if it is a corporate body, it does not matter where such entity is established. None of the designated or ordinary members/partners need be citizens or residents here. Take the note, that corporate members must be separate from each other. One person cannot be an owner of those two corporate bodies. Contact us to clarify your needs and check how we can assist.

Coddan is here to make sure you do the right choice for your business, the most suitable option will depend on your objectives and the most tax efficient way of achieving these.

We are not committed to just forming your UK LLP partnership; our goal is to provide a service which will assist you in incorporation of limited liability partnership and it's long run, for the benefit of your own business and your clients.

The Benefits of forming an LLP partnership

UK LLP Formations

The LLP is liable for the actions of each and every designated member. Different to other partnerships (general partnerships, or limited partnerships), the designated members of the LLP cannot be held jointly or individually accountable for the actions of another member. In order to firm an LLP in UK from a physical registered office address, it will require merely two individuals, which is alike a company formation. A limited liability partnership is also an brilliant method to construct a business where one partner is not actively involved on an everyday premise.

LLP registration, consequently, can also help to protect your personal assets, at the same time giving many of the tax advantages. A limited liability partnership incorporation is fairly straight-forward; indeed, it is very similar to incorporating of a company with Companies House. The UK LLP registrations has proved particularly popular with the property investment funds, private equity management companies, building firms and solicitors - although it is suitable for the wide range of businesses.

The core difference amid a limited liability partnership and a limited company is the more informal organisational flexibility of a partnership and tax advantages including full transparency. In different regards, it is fundamentally the same as a privately owned business, to check more visit our area about LLP versus private LTD company. It can obtain a credit rating, borrow against its assets and enjoy many other advantages.

An LLP can stop to exist in the event that it is formally wound up, however individual members are free to leave and the LLP continues regardless. LLP registrations in UK has turned into an undeniably mainstream alternative, it is not for everybody, but then there are clear advantages over the formation of a traditional limited company and for those that need a partnership, without the dangers of the individual risk.

Limited liability partnerships are more complicated to form than regular partnerships, largely due to the limited liability aspect. Regular partnerships are owned by all the associated partners and therefore do not exist as separate legal entities. After going through the process of limited liability partnership registration, all of the partners are granted limited liabilities and are not responsible for the actions or misconduct of other partners; they operate as independent members or shareholders as they would in any other corporation.

Coddan can help you through the process of a UK limited liability partnership formation. A team of LLP creation consultants can provide advice and help to guide you through all of the legal requirements, forms and more, as you make the move towards limited liability.

Limited liability partnerships take the best in both worlds from partnerships and limited companies; unlike regular partnerships, a limited liability partnership does not hold all partners for the account of other partners. However, the LLP does not pay any corporation tax, as other limited companies do, although its legal existence is not dependent on the existence of its membership.

We can offer a variety of LLP setting-up packages to suit the needs of your partnership as you undergo the transition to limited liability. Express limited liability partnership incorporation services offered also, so that if the paperwork is finalized before an agreed deadline, your limited liability registration can take place on the same day.

This allows you to tailor the urgency of your transition, as you need it. For example, if you are able to wait for your certificate of good standing from Companies House that is fine, but if you want it arranged immediately the certificate could be sent over in just 24 hours. Varieties of additional options are available at every stage, so choosing the right ones for you are easy.

You can register a domain name for your LLP behalf by completing our online order form, you can order a certificate of good standing, certificate of incumbency, or verification of your LLP documents by notary public, apostille authentication service, and many more.

You can arrange payment for your fully customised limited liability partnership registration in a variety of ways including credit card, postal order, banking transfer, Western Union and even PayPal. Our limited liability partnership application form is full of helpful notes and explanations, so that if this is your first time of registering a limited liability partnership, we can guide you through the LLP formation process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Once you complete an application, your LLP incorporation application form and LLP registration request will be reviewed by our business advisor who will contact you to make sure that you are completely confident in all of your choices.

Requirements to register an LLP in UK: establishing a limited company requires only one individual, however the registration of a limited liability partnership requires the minimum of two members. On the other hand there is nothing to prevent you register your own dormant company, and using this limited company as one of your two members of the LLP.

Brief description of our LLP creation packages

LLP Incorporation

If you are looking to establish an LLP online, or incorporate a limited liability partnership via e-mail, we can help you to register a new LLP within a few hours for just £32.00. Coddan offers four different LLP start up packages to our UK resident clients, & for overseas customers, and each LLP formation package is customized to suit and comply with different requirements, therefore it is essential you select the package which best fits your needs.

LLP formation procedure: our first UK LLP registration option package is recommended for client whom are professional bodies acting on behalf of their clients, this LLP incorporation package offers the registration of your LLP and the e-copy registration certificate; please note, this package does not offer all the relevant documents required to comply with the law.

Incorporating your LLP and obtaining your certificate electronically is only sufficient if you are familiar with the statutory requirements and appreciate the importance of these requirements.

Our second LLP registration option is designed for those, who require peace of mind, and are not willing to fall short of the law. The second LLP formation package offers our tailor-made LLP partnership agreement, meeting of the board of members & membership certificates and the laminated certificate of LLP registration, which are the minimum requirement of an LLP in the UK.

Importance of having the original of the Certificate of Registration

With the second LLP registration option, we offer additional documents, such as a laminated certificate of registration, membership certificates and the meeting of the board of members. Do you think we have added them to the second option of new LLP establishment for no reason? If you think so, you are very much mistaken because:

When you will be opening a bank account, you will need to provide a certificate of LLP registration. This document is like a birth certificate of the limited liability partnership. It is a certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies to the effect that, all legal formalities have been complied with, and an LLP has come into being.

Importance of the membership certificates

Why membership certificates are important? There are few remarks about it: you create a successful business, and later on, you find an investor, who wants to buy your business, you can simply sell your LLP by selling off your interest as the member, with the transfer of membership to the new owner.

About Certificate of Registration & our second start-up option

Issued certificate of registration will be printed using black ink on A4 sized 160gsm Ivory laser paper with a plain background and then certificate will be laminated. There is a legal requirement on how certificates of registration need to be produced. You cannot simply print it at home on the normal paper. That is why we have included this document as the part of the second option.

Forming an LLP

About the Membership Certificates & Our Options

Membership certificates, do you think that they are not important and useful? This is another mistake. A membership certificate is a legal document, which certifies the number, type, and value of the units held by a member of your LLP. With the second option, you will receive your membership certificates in electronic format. With our third LLP formation option your membership certificates will be printed on the special layout security design paper.

Legal requirements to keep an LLP registers

Legal Requirements to Keep LLP Registers

After setting-up an LLP, a limited liability partnership must keep and maintain a register of members. If the limited liability partnership issues debentures, it must keep a register of debenture holders and if it enters into a charge, it must keep a register of charges together with the instrument creating the charge.

All these registers must also be kept available for inspection. Additionally an LLP must maintain a register of members' residential addresses but this is not available for public inspection.

You may keep all or any of these records at the LLP's registered office address. The limited liability partnership may choose an alternative inspection location to make these records available for further inspection by government authorized bodies or by public. The LLP can only have one alternative location to the registered office at any given time.

That location must be in the same part of the UK as the registered office address, e.g. an LLP registered in England and Wales can have an alternative inspection location in England and Wales, but not in Scotland or Northern Ireland. The LLP may choose to keep some records at its registered office and some at its alternative inspection location provided that all the records of a type are kept together.

In the case if your limited liability partnership has a registered office address and the inspection address, they need to be registered with Companies House and they are available for public records.

These rules belong to trading or active limited liability partnerships, and do not apply for dormant LLPs. If you want to register a dormant LLP or create an LLP in the UK for trading overseas, then contact Coddan for advice today! A dormant LLP has a number of uses, with the most popular being to register a trademark or an LLP business name without having to form a limited company.

This means you can protect your LLP name and slogan, which is not possible as a sole trader. With a dormant LLP formation, you are protected and yet avoid the full accounting responsibilities and associated costs that go hand-in-hand with limited company formation. If it does not trade, the LLP does not have to file trading accounts, but needs to file a dormant annual account with Companies House and HMRC.

We can set up your dormant LLP, provide nominee designated members and ensure that the dormant LLP remains compliant with the regulations, if you are looking to incorporate an LLP in UK, please contact us today.

Why to incorporate an LLP with us

Why Register an LLP With Coddan

Personal service - Coddan retained the high quality limited liability partnership incorporation advisers who are extremely knowledgeable and true professionals in UK LLP structures and tax law aspects. Coddan's consultants can provide customers with free and confidential advice and information on starting up a limited liability partnership in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

If you would like a personal face-to-face consultation and dedicated help with your LLP registration package or needs, call us on +44 (0) 207.935.5171, or 0330.808.0089 to discuss your requirements, make an appointment with one of our consultants. Our trained business consultant will contact you at a pre-arranged appointment time to discuss your individual circumstances, as well as your suggestions in relation to your LLP establishment.

Our LLP incorporation project begins with a short meeting, where one of our advisers gather the information required registering a limited liability partnership. The result includes personal assistance with the order form submission, usually completed in four-to-six business hours, an electronic copy of LLP documents and further legal documentation printed on the same day.

If you have questions about legal aspects of your limited liability partnership registration application, you should speak to one of our consultants. We are very happy to provide a practical support. If you do not need an advice or guidance how to register a limited liability partnership, you may simply place an order online with automatic e-mail confirmation, status updates, and e-mail notifications of filing status changes.

If you are looking to register a dormant LLP, including England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we can also help you to establish a non-trading LLP partnership for your needs.

LLP incorporation at Coddan's is a low-cost way to get your LLP up and running, and includes the option of having a registered office address in London as well as forwarding post for a year.

If you want to establish a small or medium-sized business, this is the package for you, and the government fee for LLP registration is included in the price, as are the first year's fees for a registered office address and nominee members.

When the details are all recorded with the public records, we will send your documents to you by email. They are: the certificate of registration; the partnership of agreement; the meeting of the board of members; membership certificates; and the LLP registers. To check what additional documents come with LLP registration with nominees service, please examine one of our LLP setting-up packages which comes with nominee services, all information is there. If you do not want to spend your time to inspect our LLP formation with nominees application form, you can send us an e-mail with your request.

When that LLP registration is done, the documents are posted out to you along with others covering power of attorney, signed agreements and banking details. Along with providing a registered office address in London for a year, and two nominee LLP members for a year, with this LLP start-up package we also forward government letters for the same period; and monitor changes in ownership of the limited liability partnership; and ensure that statutory information is filed on time.

We also monitor any changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and take any necessary action, as well as making sure that the LLP is compliant with all applicable codes and legal and statutory requirements.

You can be assured that your application for registration of a limited liability partnership submitted electronically will be secure and swiftly dealt with. We are the e-filing partner of the Companies Registrar and our advanced technology leads the field in the limited liability partnership start-up sector.

We provide the best and most expert business consultants to deal with every application and we offer a free initial meeting or a consultation by e-mail or phone, as well as in-office meetings.

Written LLP Agreement

Written LLP Agreement

A written limited liability partnership agreement is not a public document and is unlikely be filed with the registrar of companies. There is no requirement for the agreement to be available for inspection to other than the limited liability partnership's members. Our second LLP creation option and all further UK LLP start-up packages include the provision of LLP partnership agreement.

Your limited liability partnership can be ready to go in less than a day from when we receive your application. It makes sense to do it the fast and cheap way, with Coddan. If you are interesting to buy a ready-made LLP, we can also serve your enquiry.

Establish a limited liability partnership

Forming an LLP in UK

LLP registration procedure: one of the most important aspects of LLP formation is ensuring that you choose the right business structure, as there are ways and means of registering a company in order to take advantage of numerous tax benefits in the UK. Certain companies can prosper by registering as a limited liability partnership, or LLP.

LLP's differ from corporations, in that they are flexible enough to allow individual partners to remain independent (risking only their own investment) whilst also enjoying lower tax rates. LLP members generally retain a higher level of profit when compared to their corporation counterparts who extract similar amounts via dividends or salaries.

UK LLP registration can be simple with the right know-how. As specialists in LLP start-up around the world, Coddan have the expertise to help you get the most out of your business. Our team is on hand to assist you at every step of the juncture to help you unlock extra revenues, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of operating as an LLP without having to worry about the finer details.

Whether you're operating inside or outside the UK, we're on hand to facilitate LLP registration in all of the major cities - London, Manchester, Liverpool, in Belfast and in Edinburgh.

Coddan can make things simple. Our LLP registration experts work with our clients to facilitate bespoke LLP formation, tailored to your exact requirements.

Create an LLP with bank account

UK LLP Registrar

When it comes to business, choosing the right business structure is incredibly important. Certain methods of business registration can provide a wealth of benefits with regard to taxation.

For smaller businesses, a limited liability partnership can mean accessing all the benefits of a company formation whilst offering flexibility and allowing individual partners to retain a certain level of independence and responsibility, with a tax profile which benefits from lower rates and zero national insurance contributions - all of which allows individual LLP members to retain a higher proportion of profits, when compared to corporation shareholders extracting equivalent amounts via a salary.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in LLP formation, we can assist you every step of the way, ensuring that all legal guidelines are adhered to, and most importantly – ensuring that your business can enjoy the rewards that registering as a limited liability partnership can bring.

Whether you're based in the United Kingdom or not, we can even assist in the registering an LLP and opening of bank accounts, either within the UK or the wider EU. Thinking of forming an LLP with EU bank account? Choose Coddan - the sensible choice for LLP setting-up online.

Setting-up an LLP with a trade mark

Registering an LLP With a Trade Mark

One of the many uses for the LLP structure is to have a trade mark assigned to protect your business's name, slogan or logo. As a sole trader you are unable to protect your trading name, which could allow a competitor to start using it and by so doing undermine all of your work to build up your reputation.

We can create an LLP with a trade mark registration on your behalf within hours in North of Ireland, Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool or incorporate an LLP in London and then move on to registering your LLP trade mark.

Crucially, we can provide advice about the kind of trade marks that can be registered. It is not possible, for example, to register a trade mark that is customary in your sector, that describes your products or services or that is three dimensional. Yet the trade mark must be distinctive in relation to your products. If the trade mark that you apply to have registered is rejected then you will lose your fee.

Registering trade marks helps to create confidence in your LLP amongst consumers. The trade mark registration can also generate revenue if you license it out to franchise operations.

If you already have an LLP then Coddan can still help with registering a trade mark using our trademark registration service, which includes a search with the IPO.

Open a dormant limited liability partnership

Forming a Dormant LLP

Dormant LLP formation or non-trading limited liability partnership establishment have a number of uses. They can protect a business name for a sole trader who doesn't want the additional effort and expense of registering a limited company. They can also hold an asset such as land or intellectual property and can be used as a shareholder or nominee secretary or director in another business.

If you want to establish a dormant LLP then Coddan can help. We offer a service where you will receive a registered office address in either London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast.

You will also be given two nominee members, your LLP will be registered with Companies House and registered as a dormant or non-trading LLP with both Companies House and HMRC. The registered office address and nominee members are provided subject to the payment of an annual fee.

All that is required to maintain the LLP as dormant is for the partnership to file annual dormant accounts with Companies House and the Inland Revenue and to not carry out any transaction beyond the following

  • Payment for membership of the LLP on its formation
  • Paying Companies House a fee to change the LLP's name
  • Paying the Companies House administration fee when filing an annual return
  • Payment of a fine for the late filing of your accounts

Forming an LLP and registering for VAT

Registering an LLP in UK

If required, we can provide LLP formation with bank account and/or with nominees members for your LLP, and also a registered office address, both of which provide levels of privacy for you. We have registered office addresses in London and in major cities all around the country.

It is very easy to open a limited liability partnership with us, our LLP formation fees are low and the service is swift; you can have your company set up in a matter of hours. All you need to do is fill out our online application form and we'll do the rest by submitting it to Companies House. Afterwards, you'll get all the LLP statutory documents for your records.

If you also wish to register an LLP for VAT in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast, we can also handle that for you and ensure you're properly registered so that you can start trading straight away.

We have a range of other services that will keep your newly formed LLP running smoothly, including bookkeeping and filing annual returns and accounts. Talk to Coddan today and let us handle your partnership registrations and VAT administration needs.