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Overview of LLP Advantages and Benefits, Advantages of LLP over LTD

Limited liability package-deal for the British entrepreneurs




This most economical and coincidentally-friendly solution to establish a limited liability partnership for the UK entrepreneurs. You need to have two members and registered address to comply with this option.

We included the following services into this offer:

  • The digital copy of certificate of registration;
  • The free business bank account with RBS, Barclays or Lloyds.
  • You LLP will be ready to start trading within a few hours!



We prepare most applications in just one hour! Everything you need to get LLP started for your small business, plus all essentials required.

Everything you see listed in the first LLP creation option, plus:

  • The meeting of the board of members & certificates of membership;
  • Digital draft of Coddan customised partnership agreement;
  • The laminated certificate of registration & much more.



This most practical and proper solution to register a limited liability partnership for the British entrepreneurs. You need to have two members and registered address to comply with this start-up option.

This option is for customers who want all the traditional trappings of legal LLP startup with impressive bound documents:

  • Two laminated certificates of registration;
  • Two printed LLP' agreements and the first meeting of the board of members;
  • Two elegant membership' certificates & the rubber stamp;
  • Two sets of the LLP's registers, and two certificates of the beneficial ownership.



One complete year of London registered address and lifetime customer support, free reminders to the annual accounts and returns.

Everything you see listed in the first and the second packages, plus:

  • The registered office address in London; the government mail forwarding;
  • The certificate of the registered office address;
  • Nominee members services are available for an additional charge.
  • There are many additional incorporation and legal support options are available with this offer.

Limited liability partnership advantages and disadvantages, structuring your business as a limited liability partnership

Limited liability partnership advantages and disadvantages: if you are in the midst of making the choice between an LLP and a limited company, you should be aware that a limited liability partnership (LLP) has both advantages and disadvantages. At Coddan, we are experienced in registering both types of business entities, and our LLP registration agents can help you to make the decision that is right for your new business.

UK LLP advantages extend to what kind of trading can be engaged in. With other companies, the products and services it is engaged in the business of selling are listed in its limited liability partnership agreement. However, with LLPs there is no such requirement or stipulation that these must be set down in writing, and as such an LLP has unlimited capacity in its trading affairs.

In some cases regarding LLPs and taxation, however, especially concerning real estate investments, heavy tax penalties can apply and have the effect of negating the benefits of the LLP's reduced tax nature. If you would like exact information on this matter, call us and one of our expert consultants can tell you everything you need to know. Another benefit of LLP registration is that members have less responsibility in the event that debts are incurred. It is the LLP itself that would be responsible, not the individual members directly, and in this, LLPs differ from other types of company structures available. If you have any questions about an LLP registration in the UK, please contact Coddan for the further details.

The members ("directors") of an LLP don't have to be from the UK, so this structure is often the preferred option of people and organisations from overseas. However, a minimum of two people or corporate entities are required to register an LLP, whereas a limited company can just have one member. Unlike some other types of company in the UK, an LLP requires no predetermined level of capital. As long as all the directors agree on a total sum, each member is only responsible for providing their share.

Perhaps the single biggest advantage associated with the LLP company structure relates to personal liability. Debts and tax are the responsibility of the company, and individual directors do not have to worry about risking their personal assets due to the company's liabilities. Because each LLP member is taxed on their income from the company, an LLP is eligible for a lower rate of corporation tax. However, other investments - particularly in property - can attract higher rates of tax that negate the benefit of lower corporation tax.

Another reason you might choose an LLP over other types of company is that it offers flexibility in trading. There is no need to list specific services and products in an LLP agreement, so the directors are free to deal in anything they believe may return a profit. The flexibility and privacy offered by an LLP are usually very attractive to investors, and that makes them one of the most popular business structures in the UK. With the help of Coddan, you can have your new LLP up and running for as little as £32.00. You will receive all the required paperwork upon LLP establishment, and expert guidance and advice are also available if you need help during the early stages of your LLP's life.

UK limited liability partnership taxation benefits
What are the advantages of trading as a limited liability partnership?

Advantages of Registering as an LLP

When a business registers themselves as a limited liability partnership in the UK, there are many advantages associated with choosing this structure over that of a limited company. As well as there being no absolute capital requirement, they will also benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate. One of the main attractions in registering your business as an LLP concerns personal liability; with any debts and taxes ultimately being claimed against the company, taking away the risk for company directors and their personal assets. Coddan are specialists in registering UK LLPs, saving their customers valuable time and expense. Talk to our expert consultants today: + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089.

Advantages and disadvantages of limited liability partnerships

Advantages and Disadvantages of LLP

If you want to register a limited liability partnership (LLP) in the UK, one of the advantages is you don't have to be from the UK - you can be from anywhere in the world and still do it. In forming an LLP, you will need to have at least two people or two different companies to appoint as your LLP members. It is not legally necessary to have an LLP secretary, your designated members are responsible for all duties as a secretary in limited companies. If, however, you do not wish to appoint people to these positions as designated members, you can appoint legal entities to act in the roles as the members do not have to be actual people.

Coddan can advise on the best way to use corporate entities as LLP members. They also do not have to be British but again can be anywhere in the world. Of great benefit in setting up an LLP is that there's no absolute capital requirement the way there is with other company structures. All the members of the LLP can decide themselves how much the capital should be and each contributes their share. There is no minimum level required, so the capital figure can be any sum.

Taxation is a critical matter for any businesses, and with LLPs there are real advantages but also a potential major disadvantage. The advantage is that none of the members of the enterprise are personally liable, so in cases where a large sum of debt has accrued, assets held by the members will not be in danger of being taken and sold off. Instead, with the taxation structure of an LLP, the company itself is liable.

In addition, an LLP enjoys a reduced corporate tax rate because each of its members are taxed and not the limited liability partnership itself. There is a tax drawback with certain transactions associated with LLPs, however. For example, with certain types of investments, such as property, there can be high tax rates and this can offset the advantage of the LLP's initial lower corporate tax rate. If you are unclear how you might be affected by taxation under an LLP structure, talk to one of our expert business consultants today and we will advise on all aspects of this matter.

The management structure of an LLP is more flexible than other companies and, crucially for some companies, the partnership agreement is confidential, meaning there is no outside knowledge of the LLP's members and operations. If you want to establish an LLP in the UK, Coddan has the long experience and expertise to do it right, with quick and easy UK LLP registration packages starting at only £32.00.