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Benefits of Setting Up an LLP in London

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#1. Summary
#2. Benefits of Setting Up an LLP in London
#3. The Advantages of Establishing an LLP in London

Benefits of using Coddan to help in setting up an LLP in London

Forming an LLP in London

Benefits of using us to help in setting up an LLP in London: Coddan has vast experience in LLP setting-up in London, having helped more than 200,000 businesses set up. Our services do not stop there, though, and we continue to assist clients throughout the life of their businesses. One of the reasons for incorporating as a limited liability partnership in London is to separate the business from the individual, we can also serve and offer nominee partners services.

Using ourregistered address in London for your partnership means that none of the members' addresses will be available to the public at Companies House. It also means that any official correspondence will be sent to this address instead of a private home address. Coddan is regulated by Companies House, HMRC and the City of Westminster Council to provide such services and also registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act to ensure clients' privacy.

Like any business structure, a limited liability partnership has a number of responsibilities and requirements to fulfil. It must be incorporated at Companies House and must submit its annual report and annual accounts in a timely fashion. Unlike some other structures, it does not have to hold an annual general meeting.

Another requirement is to have a registered address for the LLP. This does not have to be your own address or that of any member. Indeed, having a separate registered address can be beneficial, as no members' addresses need to be visible at Companies House. Clearly this can be advantageous in terms of privacy and also separating personal mail from your business mail.

How to use a SAIL address: another legal requirement is to have an address at which official documents for your firm can be inspected. This is often the registered office but in fact need not be that address. Instead, the organisation can nominate a "single alternative inspection location" or SAIL address. Many organisations find it more convenient to have their documents available to the likes of HMRC or other official bodies at a separate address.

This might be especially useful if your registered address is your home address and you feel that it may be unsuitable or inappropriate to carry out such inspections there. You may also wish to separate such visits from your normal place of work, should that be your registered address.

Using Coddan to provide your SAIL address in London: we are regulated by Companies House, the City of Westminster Council and HMRC to provide registered office addresses and related services, such as SAIL address provision. We can also use a PO Box to satisfy these regulatory requirements on your behalf.

To guarantee our clients' privacy we are also registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We can arrange facilities to carry out any inspections on your LLP documents to ensure that your SAIL address complies with all rules and regulations. This can be an important service in particular for overseas clients, who need a UK SAIL address for their UK registered business.

Coddan is an experienced LLP setting-up expert with more than 200,000 successful business formations under our belt. Our experience has led us to develop additional services, such as providing a SAIL address in London for our LLP clients, which adds value to their businesses.

When Coddan helps clients in London to set-up a limited liability partnership the incorporation team aims to work through this start-up process as painlessly and quickly as possible. Our package offers LLP establishment online, including the registered office address service, single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address, where an registers & records are kept, and member's service address together.