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Start an LLP in London, Open an LLP in London from £32.00

Start an LLP in London, Open an LLP in London from £32.00
4. Why Foreign Investors Prefer to Establish LLP in London

Why foreign investors prefer to establish LLPs in London

Form an LLP in London

Why foreign investors prefer to establish LLPs in London, Great Britain: London is one of the largest financial centres in the world, and the United Kingdom rewards foreign investors by providing tax breaks and other advantages that can be very lucrative. In addition to tax benefits, English law itself is an attractive and useful authority, as it is based in Common Law, unlike many other countries where the legal system is based in Civil Law.

Amongst other things, Common Law has particular implications on the principle freedom of contract, essentially enabling the parties to a contract to write their own terms and conditions, rather than them already being prescribed by law.

Foreign investors who have many business interests around the world can benefit from the use of the UK legal system, even if they are not resident in England, if at least one of their business holdings is registered in London. Although the established route for foreign investment is to set up a limited liability partnership, there are significant tax advantages to incorporating an LLP in London instead.

LLPs combine company and partnership law, enjoying the same tax breaks as a partnership, but protecting the personal assets of the directors at the same time. Incorporating an LLP can be far more advantageous than a private limited company in some circumstances. Under UK law, the members of an LLP are taxed under self-assessment rules as they would be if they were in an ordinary partnership. This means that any foreign members of a limited liability partnership who are non-resident in the UK are not liable to pay UK tax on profits that have arisen from trade, business, and investment outside of the UK.

Coddan Ltd is able to assist foreign residents with opening an LLP in London with a number of services that make the process quick, simple, and problem-free. An LLP requires at least two members, which can be persons, or even corporate bodies, since both LLPs and LLCs are considered to be legal entities. If necessary, Coddan Ltd is able to provide nominee members, or it can even incorporate offshore companies, and nominate them to the role of LLP members. There are of course legal benefits to having at least one member being either a person or an LLP based in the UK.

We can supply you with oepning of the LLP at Companies House within a few hours, a registered address or SAIL address at a prestigious London location, an open business bank account, and many post-incorporation services over the following year, including accountancy and the preparation and filing of annual accounts to HMRC. If you might be interested in opening an LLP in the UK, please call Coddan Ltd on 0330.808.0089 or +44 (0) 207.935.5171 to discuss the options available through our comprehensive LLP formation packages.

Coddan is an expert in opening of LLPs in London. As well as incorporating LLPs in Central London, providing members with LLP partnership agreements, Coddan can also furnish a London registered business address, along with nominee members, including provision of offshore nominee members, and file and prepare annual returns for an LLP and preparation and filing of annual accounts for LLP with the further submission to HMRC and Companies House.

On top of this Coddan can help with: -

  • Expediting change of an LLP name in London in 24 hours
  • Adjusting details of a registered address or changing SAIL inspection service address in London
  • Altering the details of a London LLP's members
  • Providing LLP members with a London service address
  • Nominating new designated and ordinary LLP members
  • Resigning of existing designated members of an LLP
  • Filing an LLP's annual return in London
  • Preparing and filing an LLP's annual accounts with both Companies House and HMRC
  • Assisting with opening corporate bank accounts in the UK
  • Assisting with opening business bank accounts in Malta, Switzerland, or Andorra
  • Supporting the opening of an offshore bank account for an LLP incorporated in London outside the UK or in an offshore country
  • Filing any late annual returns
  • Filing any late annual accounts in London
  • Maintaining the LLP's records and registers at the London registered business address
  • Providing a certificate of good standing
  • Providing a certificate of incumbency and registered office address certificate
  • Adjusting an LLP's account reference date in London
  • Registering your LLP for Data Protection
  • Registering LLP members for self-assessment in London
  • Registering your London LLP as the non-tax resident with the HMRC
  • Support with LLP dissolution in London
  • Assistance with LLP restoration service