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Scottish LLP Establishment and Incorporation Support

Scottish LLP establishment and incorporation support


Scottish LLP establishment and incorporation support: our main services to establish an LLP in Scotland: -

  • Incorporation of LLPs in Alba
  • Members or LLP partnership agreements;
  • Including agreements involving corporate members
  • Supplemental agreements for joining incoming members
  • Provision of the registered office address service in Edinburgh
  • Appointment of LLP nominee members, including offshore nominee LLP members
  • Preparation and filing of LLP annual return
  • Preparation and filing of LLP annual accounts with Companies House and HMRC

Our team regularly advises clients on matters relating to registration of Scottish LLP, this could be in relation to converting their existing partnership in to a LLP, or registering a brand new LLP in Scotland, either as a trading business or as the joint venture for specific business purposes. As members can be any combination of other legal personalities, such as companies, other LLP's and individuals, various group structures are possible. We can even advise on converting a limited company to a limited liability partnership.

LLPs are not governed by partnership law, yet while they are a body corporate they are, to all intents and purposes, taxed as a partnership. Various Regulations brought into law in 2009 apply specific provisions of the Companies Act 2006 to LLPs as from 1 October 2009.

Just like partners in a limited partnership, the members of a LLP are advised to enter in to a members' or LLP agreement to govern the day to day management, policy and exit strategy for the LLP. Our specialists can advise on such agreements, customising them to your particular business as appropriate. Agreements are designed to avoid unnecessary conflict between members and therefore to avoid the considerable costs that can be associated with member disputes.

Avoid unnecessary litigation expenses by getting an appropriate agreement in place early in the life of your business and while you are in LLP partnership agreement!