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Coddan CPM Ltd. – Company Registration Agent in the UK
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Fees for Starting an LLP in Great Britain

LLP registration costs from just £32.00

Expert Helps LLP Formation

Fees for starting an LLP: our great value of the LLP registration charges start from just £32.00, we consistently provide quality assistance and the best service to satisfy our valued customers - you will receive the personalised telephone & e-mail help that you really need! Coddan help phone lines provide the confidential partnership establishment advice, incorporation support, and the access to pastoral care for business consultants and accountants. Our team of friendly specialists is on hand to ensure that your move goes through as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Confidential of limited liability partnership registration advice and post-registration support services have been provided from our own business premises at 120 Baker Street, London. We are committed to providing the comprehensive range of creation services and ensure that we offer the partnership incorporation service that blends professionalism with a friendly, informal approach.

By the doing so, we remove the mystique that sometimes surrounds our profession. We believe that each local and international client have the individual specific legal requirement and therefore provide the prompt & professional lmited iability partnership incorporation service, which is individually tailored to the particular needs of each client.

By doing so, we are able to advise and assist in clear, direct, straightforward limited liability partnership establishment cost-effective manner.

Incorporate an LLP With Expert!

Incorporate an LLP with registered expert!

Incorporating LLP's can be time consuming and overwhelming at best of times, our experience and expertise in this filed makes us your perfect choice, our facilities enables our customers to complete applications online through our website, or through our offline application order forms (sent by email upon request), in both cases Coddan is at hand to assist you through the process, making sure the choices you make are compatible with your needs, say goodbye to uncertainty, and hello to Coddan.

Our current £49.99 the second LLP establishment option is also comes with the special drafted and solicitors' adopted partnership agreement, which can be used not only in the United Kingdom, our  agreement will be very useful & accepted in other foreign countries. We will also provide the certificate of registration, minutes of the first meeting of members, membership certificates, and the partnership registers, etc.

We do not include any additional options to our formation packages, which are not necessary for your needs. We still serving customers who registered their LLPs with us back in 2002, 2003 and so!