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Open a limited liability partnership with registered agent online!

LLP start-up service for professional clients via LLP set-up agent

LLP Startup Agent

LLP start-up service for professional clients via LLP set-up agent: Coddan is the professional and authorised company and LLP start-up agent and we top class services. We registered with Companies House as the approved agency, with such approval; we are able to incorporate limited liability partnerships electronically and directly with Companies House.

This abolishes the need for the preparation of a limited liability partnership start-up forms, any signatures, eliminates postage costs, solicitors fees and the administration time. We feel that we have developed an excellent facility, which will enable you to start a new limited liability partnership quickly and effortlessly.

LLP Registration with an Agent is Faster!

LLP start-up with an agent is faster!

Starting-up of a limited liability partnership with the authorised agent is much faster than to open an LLP directly with the Companies House. Normally the establishment of an LLP with the registered agent takes only a few hours, meaning your LLP can be registered on the same day as you placed an order. It can take up to five working days if decide to start the LLP formation process directly with Companies House. Registering an LLP with us eliminates necessity of completing and signing of paper incorporation forms.

The typical time for LLP start-up, from submitting of your order, to receiving the certificate of registration takes from one to three hours. The partnership establishment charge may be reduced dependent upon the number of LLPs registered per month. With us as the limited companies and LLPs formation agent, you can set-up limited liability partnerships online in England, Wales, Scotland and in Northern Ireland.