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LLP Domiciled Address Service & Legal Address for LLP Members

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LLP registration address & members service addresses: every LLP must keep a register of members' residential addresses. The register must state the usual residential address of each of the members. If a member's usual residential address is the same as his service address (as stated in the LLP's register of members), the register of members' residential addresses need only contain an entry to that effect. This does not apply if his service address is stated to be "the LLP's registered office address". If default is made in complying with this section, an offence is committed by the partnership, and every designated member of the limited liability partnership who is in default.

We can offer you registered address service for the setting-up of your LLP in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast and in Edinburgh. You can use our addresses as the legal address of your entity, and you can use our address as the members address. If you need further clarification about this matter, please call or send us an e-mail, to see how we can help and protect your private details, or serve you needs.

Why choose us as your service provider? Coddan can quickly register your limited liability partnership online so there is absolutely no requirement to waste your valuable time going through the process with Companies House yourself. Our team of experts can open an LLP online in a matter of hours using our tried-and-tested secure technology. Companies House is not able to provide this sort of service at all, plus Coddan's fees are as low as £32.00.

With no hidden fees or other costs you can rest assured that Coddan will deliver a high-quality LLP registration. The partnership setting up procedure is the same as for the formation of a limited company. You simply need to complete the our online application form, providing details of your registered legal address - which Coddan can supply - and details of two members. We will do the rest.

To comply with legal rules Coddan, which is located in London's Baker Street, is regulated by Companies House, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and Westminster council. We are covered by the Data Protection Act and can not only satisfy any inspection of the documents, but also arrange facilities for inspections by third parties, HMRC and other relevant bodies.

You can choose from four options when establishing a new LLP: one for those with a UK address who want a straightforward registration; another for clients who have their own registered address and are seeking a basic LLP creation; yet another for those customers wanting traditional trappings of a UK LLP registration with high-quality, bound documents; and finally one for both expatriates and UK residents who need an LLP with a prestigious registered address.

The LLP set-up procedure is straightforward, but it's important to have the original certificate of registration for things such as opening bank accounts. Coddan provides this certificate in accordance with legal requirements. This means it must be printed on special paper and in a certain way. Our top advisers and consultants know every detail of registering and setting up a partnership in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Choose Coddan as your expert.