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UK LLP Startup for Non-UK Clients, Establishment of an LLP for International Clients from £129.99

Create a limited liability partnership and reduce your risks

LLP Start-Up for Non-UK Customers

Create a limited liability partnership and reduce your risks: there are many ways to create and manage a UK LLP by non-UK customers. Let us say, that your main business activities are located in Asia, but you would like to use the facilities of the UK Law to protect your interests by using the UK legal system including the UK Courts. In such a case, you should think about the following structure of your British LLP: one designated member of your limited liability partnership is the UK managing company with the effective control and corporate management in the United Kingdom.

We can provide such UK corporate members, or we can register a new company in the UK, with the registered office address and the UK nominee director, and then appoint this limited company as one of the designated member of your LLP, which could hold only five per cent in your limited liability partnership. The second member of the limited liability partnership can be the company incorporated in Hong Kong. It will make more logical and business science if you are buying services or goods in Asia (China, Malaysia, etc.), and then selling it to the EU market (not to the UK market). Your business partners will be more impressed if you will be doing business with them as the UK registered business, where one of your partners is the Hong Kong incorporated company, which would facilitate for UK and Hong Kong law protection of the LLP.

When the LLP will generate profits, it will be distributed into two different proportions, five percent will be distributed to the UK company as the designated member, and this particular company should pay tax on its income, the second part goes to the Hong Kong company, which will be tax free.

The main reason to do so, is - if something goes wrong with your suppliers, partners, or buyers, you can use the Hong Kong or/and the British Court to file the case against the opposite party. You can only submit the case in the UK, if you are resident of the UK, or the claim arises in the UK, if your LLP does not qualify, as resident of the UK, then the UK Court cannot be used as a shield for your protection. However, if one of your LLP partner is the UK resident company, then you will be afforded such protection!

In the case if you do not want to demonstrate any connection to the UK, then you can use offshore registered companies as designated members for your LLP, but you will have no choice to use the UK Court protection for your business. Because of your main business activities are located outside of the UK, in legal terms the LLP will not qualify as resident in the UK. If you wish to create a limited liability partnership to reduce your risks, please contact us.