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Establishment of an LLP for International Clients

Advantages to establish an LLP for international clients

Establish an LLP for Non-UK Clients

Advantages to establish an LLP for international clients: as a further step to protect your own interests in such structure, you can place another safeguard in between the UK limited company as the designated member of your LLP and yourself, by creating an offshore trust. When the offshore trust can pass all enquiries and instructions to the solicitors, who will represent the interest of the incorporated LLP as the designated member of a limited liability partnership with the Court.

If you are doing business with the USA, you can replace an offshore trust by a company or an LLC registered in Nevis, or in Belize, you can also consider corporation incorporated in Panama or a private family foundation registered in Panama.

By doing business thought the Asian market, you can replace an offshore trust as an LLP member with a company incorporated in Seychelles, Hong Kong or Mauritius, or even more protected entity - a company registered in Singapore. Coddan can create and manage companies in all of these countries; we can set up and register companies in Belize, BVI, Seychelles, Mauritius and Singapore.

If you are doing business in Middle East countries, you can use a companies created in UAE as the second designated member of the UK LLP, Coddan is able to assist with such establishments if necessary. If your business interests are located in the EU, it can be a good idea to register a second designated member in Republic of Ireland<, Malta, Latvia, and Lithuania or in Isle of Man. Coddan can assist with incorporation in all the above-mentioned locations.

We always recommend to our clients to contact us first before proceeding to the last stage of incorporation , please call us or send an email with the description of your current situation, or with the goals which you hope to achieve and we can offer you the best solution for your needs.

At the same time if your LLP is managed from overseas, and doing business outside of the United Kingdom, you creditors, or customers cannot sue your LLP in theGreat Britain, although your partnership is incorporated in the UK, however the LLP management and place of the contracts are carried outside of the UK legal jurisdiction.

All information mentioned here is not the legal or business advice, it is summary of the impact legislation can have on different LLP structures.We can help you to form an LLP in London with appointment of nominee partners, or in register a limited liability partnership in Liverpool, establish an LLP in Manchester, or even in create an LLP in Scotland and setting up an LLP in Northern Ireland, please contact us for further information or visit the relevant weblink.

Your business needs the organisational flexibility and tax benefits of partnership. After great deliberation, you are sure the best structure for you is a limited liability partnership. Now you just need to get it registered. However, you can only register online via dedicated software, while if you send off the Companies House form by post you could find yourself paying more and waiting longer.

There is another way. One of Coddan's thoughtful range of LLP registration services will be perfect for you. We can use our extensive knowledge and experience to tailor the LLP to your specific requirements, or speed things up with an off-the-peg solution.

So do not let LLP establishment formalities get in the way of business success - contact us today to discuss your options. With us, it is not difficult to establish your limited liability partnership in the UK.