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Home LLP & Limited Partnerships Limited Liability Partnership for Non-UK Residents Foreign Residents Benefit From Registering an LLP

Foreign Residents Benefit From Registering an LLP

Foreign residents benefit from setting-up an LLP

LLP Incorporation for Non-UK Clients

Foreign residents can take benefits from setting-up an LLP; the limited company creation is the well-established path for a new firm and it can be very effective, but it isn't always the best option. The limited liability partnership has found favour in recent years and offers a number of advantages. An LLP is governed by a combination of company and partnership law, which effectively protects the private property of the directors, but allows them to enjoy the same tax breaks as a simple partnership.

If you're a foreign resident and do business in the Great Britain, you could streamline your affairs and save yourself serious tax contributions by setting-up a limited liability partnership with us. We can set-up your LLP efficiently and painlessly, making sure it complies with all the regulations, and can provide other essential services, too, such as a registered address and SAIL inspection address point for your records, as well as a open business bank account.

An LLP has become an increasingly common alternative to the traditional limited company and it offers a number of advantages. It can be used to reduce national insurance contributions even for British citizens, but foreign residents can benefit even more, please note that the a offshore company be a member of an LLP. Can an partnership owns shares in a limited company? Yes, a limited liability partnership can acts as the holding entity as well. As you can  see, the limited liability partnership can be used for different activities.

Foreign residents, who may wish to bring all their business affairs together in one place and then withdraw profits to a tax haven such as Belize, Seychelles, Hong Kong or Isle of Man. This would be a tax efficient way to withdraw profits and is completely legal.

Another advantage to a LLP partnership is to take advantage of British law. If your main business lies in another country, but you wish to use the British legal system then you can appoint the foreign company as a member of the limited liability partnership. If the partnership is not incorporated in the United Kingdom, then you cannot rely on the British legal system. We can set-up a new a limited company which can be a member of a limited liability partnership.  Your LLP company can have only the corporate members, but needs to register the person of significant control with the government bodies.