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LLP Start Up Expert vs Companies House

LLP start-up expert vs Companies House

Incorporate LLP Partnership

There are two ways to incorporate and register an LLP:

Online LLP Registration Software Electronic Filing

LLP incorporations can only be submitted electronically online through suitably enabled software however, many incorporation experts and software providers have developed their systems to the point where they are able to offer customers a web-based electronic service (this is chargeable). This means that occasional as well as regular customers can apply for LLP incorporation.

Many of the businesses shown on Companies House' list of software suppliers provide web-based services and depending on the volume of filings you anticipate making, it may be more practical for you to use their services. Electronic applications are processed faster than those filed on paper. Companies House aim to process electronic documents within 24 hours of receipt. You can find more information about software filing and a list of providers on Companies House website.

Coddan' electronic filing software is an executive agency of the United Kingdom Government Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and you can find our company in the list of certified providers at Companies House web site. If you will place an LLP incorporation order with Coddan, the formation of a limited liability partnership usually takes as little as four to six hours from the time that your application and payment are received by Coddan. We will file your application electronically with Companies House allowing the fastest possible registration. This generally means that if you place an order before 11 a.m. (London time) on a normal working day, your company will be registered by the end of that day.

LLP registration can sometimes take slightly longer. Although the majority of limited liability partnerships are incorporated within a maximum of 24 hours, there may be occasions where the process takes longer due to circumstances beyond our control. Please note that, although your LLP will generally be registered in four to six hours, the preparation and delivery of your partnership documents typically takes slightly longer.

As soon as we will register an LLP for your behalf, the following documents, which need to be printed and signed, will be emailed to you upon formation of your LLP: a certificate of registration (PDF), the LLP partnership agreement (MS Word), the first meeting of the board of members (MS Word), membership certificates and a partnership register. Additional printed and bound copies of our limited liability partnership documents can be provided, either at the time of original LLP incorporation, or at a later date.

Paper filing incorporation

Companies House is not yet able to create a limited liability partnership electronically. Companies House aim to process standard paper documents within 5 days of receipt. Cheques should be made payable to Companies House. When filing 'Same Day' applications by post, courier or by hand please ensure that you clearly mark the envelope 'Same-Day LLP Incorporation'.

Paper filings, which must be sent to the appropriate office, take longer to process than those submitted electronically. You can set-up an LLP yourself or you can use a company formation expert, such as Coddan, accountant or solicitor. You need to complete an 'application to register a limited liability partnership' form and send this together with the fee to Companies House. The form is available on Companies House website. Companies House does not provide or issue an LLP partnership agreement, the first meeting of the board of members, membership certificates and a partnership register, Companies House only register your LLP set-up forms at their register, which is all they will do for you.