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Benefits of Legalising LLP Documents with Us

The benefits of legalising your LLP documents with Coddan


The benefits of legalizing your LLP documents with Coddan: the verification of your official limited liability partnership paperwork is essential to prove that you have authentic LLP documentation and that you are in a position to operate legally as an LLP. Having legally-acknowledged documents is particularly important if they're needed overseas, as they will prove that you have the right to trade in a non-UK jurisdiction.

Our team at Coddan are very experienced in dealing with all paperwork matters related to the setting up and ongoing accounts of LLPs. We have been working with LLPs for many years and can advise with authority on all matters to do with them. As we are a leading LLPs startup expert in the Great Britain, our name is known in the industry and this lends extra weight to any paperwork that is verified by us.

Our professional service is provided by a notary public and does not end when we hand over the verified paperwork to you. We will keep your documents on file for you to refer to, whenever the occasion arises. The service is competitively priced and given that we have been doing this a long time, it is very efficient. You won't experience any delays in receiving your verified documents, because we are careful never to make any of the common paperwork errors that risk delaying the process.

There are many different documents that we can verify for you. These include registration certificates, good standing certificates or documents issued by government bodies. If you registered your LLP with us here at Coddan, it is also possible to have the paperwork we supplied to you verified by our notary public. The paperwork may consist of agreements, minutes, documents detailing power of attorney or incumbency documentation.

If you're uncertain as to which documents you need to have verified, let our experts advise you. They will be able to explain which documents are likely to require legal verification, by whom and why. They can even advise you as to the scenarios which may arise in which you will be very glad that you had your paperwork verified before trading overseas. Should you need your documents translated, we can also provide that service for you. We have an entire department dedicated to your translation needs. You can also speak to a business advisor between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

We are an official e-filing partner of Companies House, which is where accounts for limited liability partnerships are submitted. A lot of our paperwork comes directly from there and proves beyond international doubt the legality of your LLP and its business operations.

A significant document that we strongly recommend that you have verified is the certificate of good standing. This type of document is issued from Companies House and it confirms that your firm has met the conditions required to operate legally. This document is frequently requested by any third parties who are considering entering into business with you, as it will provide information of any tax or other problems experienced in dealing with your organisation.

In order to carry out the business activities of your entity legally and without delays both in the UK and abroad, choose Coddan. We are the professional LLP establishment specialists. There's nobody better equipped to deal with your verification needs.