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LLP Document Authentication by Apostille Stamp

LLP document authentication by apostille stamp

Authentication by Apostille Stamp

LLP documents authentication by Apostille stamp: do you want to open a limited liability partnership in the Great Britain, but need to get your documents legally recognised outside of the UK? Do you already have an LLP and want to register a foreign branch? We can help.

A limited liability partnership, is an excellent way to structure a business in Britain if you are registered overseas. It allows for flexibility and a number of different business interests to come under one umbrella. Then, when the time comes, it provides a thoroughly tax-efficient way to withdraw profits. Indeed, depending on the county you're registered in, it's sometimes possible to skirt income tax altogether.

The paperwork for an LLP is also relatively straightforward, especially if you leave it all with Coddan. But for foreign nationals, especially those from countries that were not part of the Hague Convention, there are a few extra steps that we can assist with. The same is true if you wish to establish a branch in those countries.

An Apostille stamp is a simplified legal certification of public documents used by countries governed by the Hague Convention to certify identification and make the whole procedure of global movement simpler and less restrictive.

If you are from a country that is signed up to the Hague Convention then we can take the whole process off your hands and get the Apostille stamp within 8-10 days of receiving the original documents, including certification by a notary public or a solicitor if required. Most of the time the notary public service is not required and the apostille stamp must come only from the Foreign or Commonwealth Office, in many of these cases we can have your documents fully legalised within three days.

If your country of residence or origin is outside the Hague Convention, however, then we may need to involve your embassy legalisation and the whole process can take slightly longer. If so, Coddan Ltd will deliver, wait for and collect your documents personally.

With thousands of company and LLP formations under its belt, Coddan will make sure that the correct paperwork is in place at every step of the way and will keep the apostille legalisation procedure moving. So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that experts in international startup procedure are on the case. Your Apostille-stamped documents are on the way, your LLP or your foreign branch will soon be up and running and you'll be in business.

Legalisation of LLP Documents by Apostille

Legalisation of LLP documents by apostille

If you require to use an legal documents abroad, or want to open a bank account overseas, you defiantly need to have legalise by an Apostille stamp. Normally, your documents need to be verified by a solicitor, or certified by a notary public first, before to get them legalised by an Apostille seal. Some documents, which are issued by the government body can be verify by an Apostille straight forward, but all other documents need to be certified by a notary public or a solicitor.

So wherever you're from and however complicated you think it may be, if you want to start an LLP and get your documents verify by an Apostille stamp, then contact us today.