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Apostille certification services for LLP in the United Kingdom

LLP document certification via Chamber of Commerce

Certification via Chamber of Commerce

LLP documents certification via Chamber of Commerce: if you want to start an LLP, but need to verify your documents through the Chamber of Commerce, Coddan can help. Let us take all the problems off your hands and deal with the red tape on your behalf.

We can assist with certifying documents through the Chamber of Commerce and know how to make sure your documents are accepted, first time, saving you time and money. We can also assist with Apostille stamps, which is a simplified certificate used by countries signed up to the Hague Convention to make the whole process of moving to a different country simpler. The Apostille stamp certifies birth and marriage certificates and other forms of identification and when a Notary Public is not required this can often be obtained within just a few days.

For individuals who come from countries that were not part of The Hague Convention, it can be necessary to involve the relevant Embassy or Consulate to verify documents and get the Apostille stamp before heading to the Chamber of Commerce to legalise the limited liability partnership documents.

Working in a foreign language it would be an almost impossible maze to navigate. But Coddan has years of experience and has founded thousands of companies, dealing with every problem you're likely to encounter along the way.

We also know that your documents are important and if they are lost at this stage then it could cause you significant delays. So we deliver, wait for and collect documents to make sure they don't disappear through a crack in the system.

So let us deal with the LLP documents certification via Chamber of Commerce process and you can simply focus on running your business. Contact us today for more information.