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The Benefits of LLP Registration in Northern Ireland

The benefits of LLP establishment in Northern Ireland

Benefits Of LLP Formation in Northern Ireland

The benefits of LLP establishment in Northern Ireland: there are many different types of business registration that can be used by an individual or a group of business partners, and choosing to form as an LLP is becoming the very popular option. LLP stands for 'Limited Liability Partnership', and it allows various members of a board of members to be regarded as separate entities - this concept applies to taxation and organisational affairs.

For a regular registered limited company, the ownership element is often treated as a single unit, which can be a positive or negative choice for businesses (this depends entirely upon the structure and the nature of the business). the establishment of an LLP in Northern Ireland also brings geographical benefits due to the nature of this region of the UK, and representatives from Coddan Ltd are in a position to offer expert advice about taking advantage of everything that Northern Ireland has to offer companies and limited liability partnerships.

Although there are a number of business establishment experts that offer 'bargain' prices for these LLP registration services, the client needs to be reassured that all legal and administrative formalities will be undertaken efficiently - this is a guarantee that is always provided by Coddan Ltd.

If you are locating or living in Northern Ireland, however for any particular business needs you would like to establishing an LLP outside of North of Ireland, we can help you to form an LLP in London, or in register an LLP in Liverpool, incorporate an LLP in Manchester, or even create an LLP in Scotland.

It's just one word; we put you first! Coddan is all about meeting you at your point of need. We have a 24/7 open line to attend to you at no cost or obligation. We simply exist to take you higher. We are passionate and concerned about your success. We are on board to make Coddan your premium choice either you are just starting up or dreaming of expansion. We offer a wide range of business registration services to business starters and existing business owners; we are capable of undertaking all types of corporate management related work.

You can speak to our team of professionals at any time. We are pleased to discuss your plans with you and to help you understand how the LLP establishment works in the North of Ireland. With Coddan, you can seal the dream you have for your incorporation.

Register an LLP in Ireland

Should a new business be established as an LLP?

Setting-up a private company requires only one individual, however registering an LLP requires the minimum of two designated members. However there is nothing to prevent you setting-up your own dormant company (non-active), and using this company as one of your two members of the LLP.

If you want to establish a limited liability partnership in Northern Ireland and want to take advantage of our nominee member service to keep your business and personal life separate, Coddan Ltd can help. Now you can create an LLP in North of Ireland using our nominated members service, so that your name does not appear on any public records and, in combination with a registered legal address, that allows for total anonymity.