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Set-Up an LLP in North of Ireland

Set-up an LLP in North of Ireland is easy and straightforward!

Forming an LLP in Northern Ireland

Set-up an LLP in North of Ireland with us is easy and straightforward: there are times when setting-up your limited liability partnership is just the beginning. Do you know how to harness the sea of possibilities that you now have access to? Never to worry, we are not just about helping you register your business and disappearing into thin air. We are right here with you… every step of the way. Coddan has a team of advisers who will help you from setting-up your LLP to mature business issues and customer management throughout the region. We have specialists who are seasoned in growing small businesses and can provide practical advice on business strategies you can adopt to expand your business.

So, be it company, set-up of an LLP in Ulster and establishment of trusts, our experienced consultants are right here for you.

Coddan provides a wide variety of seasoned and well trained business professionals that are able to handle your business needs as if they were custom made for you. Our LLP in North of Ireland set-up services are designed to be suitable help for business entrepreneurs. We have the solid and rooted reputation for delivering bespoke solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. There just isn’t any better option out there then Coddan business solutions.

Furthermore, Coddan is your dream company for handling intricate field of LLP setting-up in Belfast, incorporation of business structures and their management in both. We have confident and competent consultants who can adequately advice on selection of the best type of business set-up that suits your outfit, the registration of your general trading, and subsidiary or holding company.

Coddan also boasts of a strong team of local advisors, smart and capable lawyers and accountants who can basically be described as the best in their fields. These professionals are not only good at their jobs intellectually but work with conscience and aim to preserve their sparkly reputation. If you choose us to outsource for you, you will save good time trying to find the best manpower to push your company forward. We know the right kind of workers you need, let us get them for you while you mind more important aspects of your business.

Being as the authorised companies and LLPs set-up expert, we can startup a limited liability partnership in Northern Ireland during a business day, it takes from one to six hours to setting-up a limited liability partnership in Northern Ireland from the first step to the last – when you will receive a certificate of registration.

If you will chose to use our address in Belfast as your registered office address for behalf of your LLP, we will act as the expert in between your Éireann LLP partnership, Companies House and HMRC; we accept tax and legal documents on behalf of your partnership.

Making sure, you do not miss important information regarding filing of annual return and annual accounts, or judgements involving your business. If you are looking for set-up an LLP in North of Ireland, please contact us by e-mail, or give us a call!