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Tax Saving Benefits via an LLP Registered in North of Ireland

Tax saving benefits and tax advantages via set-up an LLP in North of Ireland

Setting Up an LLP in Northern Ireland

Tax saving benefits and tax advantages of an LLP set-up in North of Ireland: when Coddan Ltd representatives are approached regarding set-up of an LLP  in Northern Ireland, one of the main motivators is the taxation element of setting-up and operating a limited liability partnership. It has already been mentioned, that this allows members/partners to remain as separate entities, but this arrangement cannot be understated. Using this organisational structure means that each individual business owner can use their own tax status when filing a tax return, and this can reduce the overall tax liability of the LLP as a whole.

This additional element of flexibility allows other partners (such as family members) to be included in the arrangement and individuals can be considered for a directorship based upon their own merits and tax status. This structure is something that should be considered by a range of business types, although there could be additional costs involved for a company formation that distributes profits and dividends to a group of shareholders. If there are any concerns about whether or not a limited liability partnership is suitable, Coddan Ltd advisors have many years of experience that allow them to provide expert and impartial advice.

The implementation of the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009 on 1 October 2009 introduced a single UK jurisdiction for overseas companies. There is no longer a requirement for an LLP registered in Northern Ireland to establish a legal presence in England, if the registered LLP in Northern Ireland is carrying bossiness in England; the same principle applies to Scotland as well. If you are doing business from the name of your Northern Irish LLP in Scotland, you do not need to establish a separate entity in Scotland.