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Register an LLP With Bank Account

Online LLP start-up with bank account: LLP is similar to other limited liability partnership in other countries, however, they slightly differ in some traits. LLPs have no restrictions to a person or a legal entity to become a partner. The taxation policy suits non-UK residents as the government taxes the individual members and not the LLP. The LLP startup process is complicated and detailed, but Coddan makes it simple and stress-free. We offer services to private individuals, who are interesting with limited liability partnerships establishment in the Great Britain.

The LLP creation agency has an online platform for convenient partnership set-up with banking account, including certification of documents by apostille. We give the advice needed in setting-up a limited liability partnerships in UK and opening a business banking account. Our consultants are experts in partnerships registration matters, and they offer guidance in every step of the legal processes.

If you've any enquiry then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.

Opening an LLP with bank account



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This UK LLP registration with Barclays bank account is for clients who currently have a UK address and want to keep the process simple, hassle free or paper free.

Upon formation of the partnership, the following documents will be sent via e-mail:



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This LLP setting-up package with a guaranteed bank account is ideal for people who have a registered address and want a basic establishment of their LLP with the additional documents sent by e-mail and sent by post.

The partnership start-up offer comprises of all services listed in the first option as well as:



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This bundle is for clients who want all the customary aspects of legal LLP incorporation with bank account and bound documents.

The offer includes all the partnership setting-up benefits listed in the first and the second options as well as free delivery of:



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The LLP establishment package is particularly for the expatriates and UK residents who plan to open an LLP with bank account and London registered office address.

The partnership creation offer involves all partnership start-up benefits and items listed in the first and the second options as well as:

Openning an LLP with bank account

Openning an LLP with bank account: with Coddan, it is possible to influence every step in the limited liability partnership setting-up process with opening a bank account. For instance, the express service package delivers paperwork in less than 24 hours and is it sent through the mail. Otherwise, waiting until all the documents are ready is an option.

LLP registration application forms with bank accounts are subject for review by a business consultant to make sure they coincide with legal requirements. Additionally, Coddan LLP formation experts go through the paper work to confirm details of openning an LLP before filing with the Registrar of Companies in UK. For persons new to the LLP setting-up procedure, the forms provided include precise instructions and notes to assist in filling the form correctly. Coddan accepts payments via banking transfer, PayPal, debit and credit card or postal order.

After limited liability partnership registration, Coddan service customer does not stop there. Coddan acts as an LLP post-registration expert of your LLP and monitors any changes in regulations and legislative matters applicable to a limited liability partnership. In case of any changes, we move to act in accordance with changes on behalf of the limited liability partnership formed, including the business bank accounts.

With Coddan, there is assurance of a legit application. The LLP startup agency is a partner of the Registrar of Companies in UK in the E-filing system. Limited liability partnership creation with a banking account process is cost effective and swift with Coddan, who can open an LLP and setting-up a business bank account in the UK or in EU.

We can act as a post-incorporation expert of your entity and monitors any changes in regulations and legislative matters applicable to a limited liability partnership. In case of any changes, we move to act in accordance with changes on behalf of the limited liability partnership formed. With us, there is assurance of a legit application, we, as your business setting-up agency is a partner of the Registrar of Companies. The partnership creation with banking account process is cost effective and swift with us.

Create a limited liability partnership & open a bank account

Free Banking Account With LLP Formation

Free banking introduction with LLP startup: if you want to sign up for an LLP, Coddan's LLP set-up options now include free banking introductions. For UK-based clients, we can now offer a free banking introduction as part of our LLP start-up options. Worldwide customers, meanwhile, can opt to open bank accounts in the UK, EU, Switzerland or even offshore bank account. Coddan can recommend the best way to structure your enterprise to maximise its tax benefits and produce the most streamlined and efficient business possible. The new partnerhip opens up a world of opportunities for the tax saving business, and with the right banking set-up behind it then you can make the most of the firm.

Register an LLP with EU bank account

Incorporate an LLP With Bank Account

Are you looking for an LLP registration with bank account? We offer a range of banking introduction services for clients who wish to open a bank account on behalf of a limited liability partnership. Among the major UK banks that Coddan works with are HSBC, Barclays, NatWest . We also offer introductions to British branches of a variety of foreign banks including the Barclays International and the Islamic Bank of Britain.

For UK residents we offer an LLP formation with a free business bank account referrals, we can register an LLP with Barclays bank account, we can incorporate an LLP and open NatWest bank account, or open a business bank account with HSBC, Lloyds, or RBS banks when setting-up a new LLP online with us.

The business bank account for a registered LLP will be provided following the usual identity and credit checks by the bank.

We will also need to be satisfied that you plan to meet all of your tax and reporting responsibilities.

Choosing our LLP formation with free bank account package is an extremely quick way to get set up and ready to start trading for UK customers. The bank will aim to have your account set up within one business day of your appointment with them.

The details that we require in order to set up a bank account include your name, contact address and home address. To open a separate banking account for behalf of your limited liability partnership, we do not need your current or your existing bank accounts and details of your income and expenditure.