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LLP Registration with an EU Bank Account

LLP startup with an EU bank account

LLP Registration With an EU Bank Account

LLP startup with an EU bank account: among Coddan's services in limited liability partnership formation are packages offering the establishment of limited liability partnerships (LLP) in which clients can get a bank account in the European Union.

Applications for this type of LLP are done using our online form, and the turnaround time is quick, enabling you to be up and running with your new enterprise in a short space of time.

This package with an EU bank account is open to UK and non-UK residents and has a number of benefits, including multi-currency banking, which is useful for companies that trade in a number of currencies. Among the major currencies accepted with this type of IBAN account are Euros, US dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen, as well as many others.

Using the bank's online facility, clients can also buy and sell currencies, and the bank's staff speak a number of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Russian, with support available 24 hours a day.

Whether banking in your own country or overseas, confidentiality is paramount as is solid customer care. With the EU bank account we offer with an LLP, clients can avail of an exceptional service whereby if they call the bank during office hours, they will speak to the same customer service officer each time; this helps to cement a relationship of trust and knowledge of every client's needs.

Clients do not need to be present at the bank in order to open an account as Coddan handles all the details, and there is no limit to how much can be lodged or withdrawn, although a limit can be placed on the account for security reasons. For cash withdrawals, there is a maximum of €2,500 and €5,000 per day, depending on what type of account you set up.

Another benefit of this package is that clients who have firms based in the UK can access their LLP documents at Companies House using the bank's online banking system.

Along with being able to do your banking online, depending on what kind of services companies require, custom banking solutions can be developed by the bank’s team of professionals for each client as necessary.

Important Note For Our Clients in USA

Important note for our clients in USA

If you are in the USA and want to establish an offshore entity that is not on a blocked country list, then you might consider an LLP in the UK. Under normal circumstance, if the LLP does not do business in the Great Britain then it is not possible to open a UK business bank account. However, with Coddan's help, you can incorporate an LLP, appoint nominee-designated members and open a business bank account within the European Union. For more information on how to form a UK LLP, contact us today.

Clients can also avail of the bank's secure credit cards, including a prestigious platinum card that comes with rewards and discounts at hotels and clubs all over the world. The cards can be applied for remotely, and, importantly, all carry a 0% interest rate. They can also be used to transfer funds between accounts. If you are interesting with an LLP registration with an EU bank account, we can assist!