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LLP Start-Up with Bank Account for International Clients

LLP start-up with bank account for international clients

UK LLP Incorporation With Bank Account

LLP start-up with bank account for international clients: for overseas customers, Coddan can provide an LLP startup with introduction to UK banks in order to form a business account. This service is subject to a fee. For your money, you will receive access to our friendly, knowledgeable advisory team who will help you to meet the requirements for opening a UK bank account. It is generally necessary for either a member of your limited liability partnership or an authorised person with power of attorney to appear in person when setting up a bank account. Coddan will only facilitate setting up a business bank account without a personal appearance if the client has a genuine reason for not being able to travel to London.

We will also need to be satisfied that you intend to meet all tax and regulatory requirements. Coddan has built up excellent professional relationships with the banks to which we refer our clients and have signed contracts with a number of them. It is important to us that the people we refer behave in an exemplary fashion.

There is a difference in the fee to set up a bank account for overseas customers who have registered LLP and those who have an LLP that is registered abroad. The latter is slightly more expensive. We will also need to be satisfied that you have a valid business reason for wanting to set up a business account in the United Kingdom.

Coddan will not offer any kind of bank account introduction service to an LLP that intends to remain dormant LLP status. There are no valid reasons for a dormant LLP to have a business account. If in the future you decide to actively trade with your LLP then you can use our bank introduction services to set up an account at that time. Coddan do not work with high risk businesses. We have standard LLP registration procedures to determine the riskiness of an enterprise and can advise you on whether it will be possible to establish a UK account with any of our partners.

For more information about LLP start-up with bank account, please e-mail us or call: +44 (0) 0330.808.0089 (national call rate) or +44 (0) 207.935.5171, or send a fax: +44 (0) 207.504.3531.