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Benefits From Buying Off the shelf LLP

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#1. Summary
#2. Benefits From Buying Off the shelf LLP
#3. Old Off-The-Shelf LLPs

Benefits from buying off the shelf LLP

Benefits to Buy Shelf LLP

Benefits from buying off the shelf LLP: Our readymade limited liability partnerships come with the widely drawn LLP partnership agreement, a certificate of registration, and certificate of non-trading. Our limited liability partnerships are currently registered with nominee members, and with the registered office address. We can re-register the readymade limited liability partnership with the details of your own members and registered business address free of charge; or, if you prefer, we can continue to provide ournominee members, and the registered legal address services at an additional fixed annual charge.

Some people might think that the ready-made limited liability partnerships are used much less now than in the past, because an electronic registration allows a new partnership to be registered within few hours. A readymade firm will be beneficial if an already registered partnership is required immediately, for instance if a partnership registration number is needed straightaway in order to sign a key or critical agreement or a contract.

Based on our observations, here are some common reasons for buying an already established shelf LLP include: -

  • To gain the opportunity to bid on contracts
  • Some countries require that an overseas business entity needs to be in business for certain years, before to establish a foreign branch, subsidiary or representative office
  • To establish a reputable history for your business
  • To create an appearance of corporate longevity, which may boost the confidence and coolness
  • To gain an access to investment and leases, some companies provides leases only to businesses one year old or more

A number of consortia "produce" and established LLPs, promoting the fact that the new buyer can at the same time have a firm with a long history, and yet have complete control over the establishment of the LLP's board of members profile.

We have many ready for sale aged limited liability partnerships, which are ready to start trade, and can be transferred to you within a few hours. Our already established LLPs guaranteed to be clear of any debts or liabilities. When you are buying a ready-made LLP from us, you will receive the following documents: -

  • A laminated certificate of registration
  • A hard bound copy of the partnership agreement
  • The minutes of the first members' meeting
  • A special members' resolution, membership certificates, and membership transfer documents
  • A completed members' register; and the non-trading certificate

All annual governmental fees, relevant returns, and annual accounts duly paid up and filed until the next anniversary day of incorporation. Owners of the readymade limited liability partnerships are strongly advised to pay renewal fees in a timely manner to avoid penalties and/or being struck off the register.

In case of renewal fees non-payment, the partnerships continuing their commercial operations and/or bank relations violate the basics of international business ethical and legal principles, and their officers and beneficiaries could face litigation and potential losses.