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Old off-the-shelf limited liability partnerships for sale

Ready Made Limited Liability Partnerships For Sale

LLPs are desirable limited liability partnerships for a number of tax and risk minimising reasons. If you need to form one in a hurry to take advantage of the benefits they offer, do not think you have to go to the trouble of forming one all by yourself. You do not even have to go to the hassle of finding other member who would be interested in setting up an LLP with you. Instead, why not get hold of the shelf LLP through our experienced incorporation company, Coddan? Readymade LLPs can even offer additional benefits that newly formed ones cannot.

We are an internationally recognised e-filing partner to Companies House and we have a huge range of readymade LLPs that are available to you online. These LLPs are already registered but have not, as yet, been used for trading. To buy them off the shelf with us is a fast way to get hold of an LLP that already has history. This history adds value to the LLP.

The ready-made LLPs that we offer have been formed using nominee members from our company and our registered offices in Edinburgh, London and Belfast. You are welcome to keep our nominees as the members, or swap them for your own preferred partners. If you would prefer your fellow members to be from companies, which registered overseas, we can arrange that. We can even provide nominees who registered in companies with very favourable tax laws, such as Hong Kong and Belize to be involved with your LLP. We offer so many readymade LLPs, which are all ready to begin trading within hours, that you will be able to find the perfect solution to your requirements.

The benefits of an LLP are those of profit and loss sharing amongst members in order to reduce the rate of tax the group will pay. There is also the possibility of filing for group VAT, which means that members can buy and sell goods and services between each other without incurring any accountable VAT charges. The benefit of our readymade LLPs is that although they have already been formed, we have so many available that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your business. It will have history and be ready to start business activities straight away.

Here at Coddan Ltd, we have many years of experience in LLP formation and registration. We know the quickest and most effective processes to get your LLP incorporated and running smoothly within hours of contacting us. As well as our LLP registration services, we can advise on a number of incorporated business practises, such as filing your accounts and the legalities of trading from an overseas company in the UK.

If you would like to know more about our ready-made LLPs, or any of our other services, please give us a member of our professional and approachable team a call. They are all excellent communicators and will be able to guide you through the LLP formation procedure in a few easy steps.

Ready Made LLPs & Nominees

Ready made LLPs & nominees

For people looking for a ready made LLP withnominee members, Coddan has the expertise and resources to handle it in the most professional manner. This service is beneficial to our UK and international clients for a number of reasons, including that you do not need to be in the UK or even a citizen of the country to buy a ready made LLP with nominee memebrs, we can provide you 4 different offshore nominee members. If you need an assistance, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday.

For clients who are in a hurry to secure the tax, risk management and organisational advantages of a limited liability partnership, buying an old off the shelf LLP may be a sound choice. Readymade limited liability partnerships that have already been registered, but have not been used for any trading activity.