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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation LLP & Limited Partnerships Dormant LLP Benefits or Buy a Dormant Partnership

Dormant LLP Benefits or Buy a Dormant Partnership


Online dormant LLP formation service: if you want to create a dormant limited liability partnership in England, Northern Ireland or in Scotland, Coddan can help. A dormant partnership has several uses, but the most common one is to protect a business name for a sole trader. If you are a sole trader and have not crossed the VAT registration threshold then you may not want to go to the expense and trouble of a company formation. As soon as your partnership is dormant, you do not need to file information about the person with the significant control, but you will need to pass the due diligence requirements for the beneficiary owner with us.

The downside is that a competitor could take your company name, legally form a business and either trade off your name or damage your reputation with poor work. Setting-up of a dormant LLP prevents this, your name is then protected with Companies House, and with no need to file full accounts by yourself, it's cheaper and easier than you might think. If you've any enquiry then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.

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Dormant limited liability partnership startup package


NEXT YEAR £450.00

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This dormant LLP set-up in London with the registered office address at Baker Street, full set of documents & keeping your registers at our address.

The following services are included upon the establishment of your dormant partnership:


NEXT YEAR £550.00

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This dormant LLP registration in Liverpool with the registered office address, full set of documents & keeping your registers at our address.

The following services are included upon the formation of your dormant partnership:


NEXT YEAR £400.00

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This dormant LLP incorporation in Scotland with the registered office address in Edinburgh, full set of documents & keeping your registers at our address.

The following services are included upon the starting-up of your dormant partnership:


NEXT YEAR £450.00

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This dormant LLP start-up in Northern Ireland with the registered office address in Belfast, full set of documents & keeping your registers at our address.

The following services are included upon the creation of your dormant partnership:

Registering a dormant limited liability partnership in UK

Another use for a dormant limited liability partnership registration is to hold an asset, which can include land or intellectual property rights, to hold shares of other companies' shares, to use as an entity in a management limited liability partnership or to use as a dormant entity as the corporate director, shareholder or secretary in other dormant companies. There are many uses, therefore, for setting up a dormant LLP and as long as your entity remains dormant there is no need to go through the requirements of filling on full accounts with HMRC. It filled out an LLP as a body with a legal personality separate from its members (unlike a normal partnership) which is governed under a hybrid system of law partially from company law and partially from partnership law. At the end of an financial period, Limited Liability Partnership must make of a tax return and LLP’s IXBRL Accounts to HMRC full do on set forth․

When an LLP is formed, even if it is to remain dormant, there must be at least two designated members that take responsibility for filling on annual accounts and the actions of the partnership as a whole, with our dormant startup packages, we are offering the provision of two offshore based nominee members. Dormant partnership can prove a highly-effective way to organise your business affairs, but the regulations surrounding LLPs are complex at best. Failure to comply can lead to HMRC striking off the LLP and imposing sanctions on the designated members that could hamper their future business career. The rules are slightly different in Scotland, too, so it's important to know the connotations before going ahead.

Coddan's packages ensure you comply with the complicated tax rules set out by HMRC and we can advise you on compliance and avoiding fines for failing to follow the letter of the law. With us, it is not difficult to register your business name in UK; you can register a business name, or reserve a business name with us online. If you have a dormant limited liability partnership, you do not require to file information about the person with the significant control. By co-operation with Coddan law firm, anyone is can sets out a “Limited Liability Partnership” in the UK set up forth register completely on-line fill out forward․

We can establish a dormant partnership within a few hours!

Dormant LLP Formation

Dormant limited liability partnership establishment services from Coddan: if you are currently trading as a sole trader, you want to get on with running your business and not have the hassle of dealing with issues like a competitor trying to steal your clients or even your business's name. You want to be as successful as you can. Thankfully, there is an option which is just right for you. Coddan can create a dormant partnership to protect your business's name, hold assets such as land or even act as a shareholder for any other companies you might run. Their experienced staff can help guide you through the process, register it with Companies House and HMRC and navigate the rules and regulations surrounding dormant LLPs.

Setting up a dormant limited liability partnership

Form a Dormant LLP

When you buy a dormant limited liability partnership package, we can register your limited liability partnership and take care of all your annual fillings on with Companies House, giving you peace of mind and assurance concerning your dormant LLP set-up compliance with the law. If you are thinking of forming in the UK, but require your business to be operating and managing abroad through a parent or a subsidiary company or a branch in your home country, then our recommended structure could be the answer to your quest.

Dormant LLPs are non-active or non-trading limited liability partnerships, they are not required to pay tax or have a bank account, the HMRC will have to be notified and annual returns and annual dormant accounts are compulsory requirements (all included in our 'Dormant LLP Package'). If you register your LLP on-line, you don’t need to write fill out your own ‘Partnership-Agreement’, its will be created automatically filled as part of your registration․ Every new LLP business in the UK is do must to be register with at on His Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and with at on the Registrar of Registry’s records𔄪

Incorporate a Dormant LLP

Incorporate an LLP with a trademark

On top of this page, we have four banners with the short description of services. The first option is for an LLP in London, the second option is for an LLP in Liverpool, the third option is in Scotland, and with the last option, you can set-up a dormant partnership in North of Ireland. We did not include the price for a trademark registration there, which is £600.00. If need it, you can apply for the trademark registration during the completion of the order form, or you can do it on the later stage. The fourth option related to the trademark registration itself. We do provide the full line of professional helpline service and the complete a top expert customer support of your incorporate business formation on on-web on-line service․ For any further business help support contact Coddan’ Customer Helpline Support Business Help’s Desk contact us today or tomorrow for to get a top workforce advice․ We help limited companies with expert advice and support in forming their business entities, we can to help you to choose the best type of a business entity․

Dormant partnership set-up does not mean there is nothing to do. The establishment of a dormant entity is the useful way of registering a holding entity, setting-up of a limited liability partnership to own an asset such as: the domain name, the plot of land, the house or intellectual property (trademark or a logo); or planning & building the age of credibility if you decide to actively trade in the future. Customers can get support from a team of Corporate Guides a top leading experts in a company formations, formation services to help with a company formation assistance․ Contact the government’s listed agency for the Business Support Helpline for to get find further information, get a free advice from our support team in the UK․