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Starting a Dormant LLP with Us

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#1. Summary
#2. Starting a Dormant LLP with Us
#3. Establish a Dormant LLP Partnership

Starting a dormant LLP with us

Starting a Dormant LLP

Starting a dormant LLP with us: Coddan provides a platform for starting up as a limited liability partnership online. Our price for the dormant LLP set-up starts from £300.00. With us, you can setting up a dormant LLP in London, we can also register a dormant LLP in Scotland and establish a dormant LLP in Northern Ireland, by providing you registered address service and appoint offshore nominee members to help to maintenance of the dormant limited liability partnerships with the Companies House and HMRC. We can help you to start-up an LLP in London, or in Liverpool, Manchester, please contact us for further information or visit the relevant weblink.

Coddan can manage the whole dormant LLP start-up and post LLP incorporation process for you to ensure that you will have no unforeseen liabilities. Our comprehensive service covers the initial registration of the dormant LLP with the Companies House and HMRC, including the government filing fee, registered at our registered business address in the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. Should you need further information or assistance to establish a dormant LLP in UK, kindly contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our dormant limited liability partnership registration services include: -

1. The registration of a partnership (including the government fee for the incorporation)
2. The provision of the registered office address for a dormant partnership at the Baker Street in London
3. The initial registration of your LLP as a dormant with the HMRC
4. The provision of the Tax Expert with the HMRC
5. The government mail forwarding to your own address in the UK
6. The keeping your LLP registers at the registered office address
7. The preparation of the annual return and year-end dormant account and its submission with the Companies Registrar and Inland Revenue (Tax Office)

Coddan offers the fixed fee for the dormant account package to LLPs. Our professional accountants will take care of your dormant partnership annual account preparation and filing with the HMRC (Tax Office) for you. We will create the minutes of the members' meetings required to approve the dormant account.

With this package, we will also file an annual return for behalf of your partnership on time, and register the annual return with the Companies House. At the end of the financial year, we will also prepare and file your LLP' dormant account with the Companies House and the Inland Revenue (HMRC) for the next year.

We will also provide you an exclusive certificate of the dormant status of your LLP. Your certificate will be printed in an elegant format, sealed, and laminated, this document fully compliance with the LLP Act 2001 and Finance Act 2008.

What documents will you get from us? The following documents will be sending via e-mail to you upon setting-up of your dormant limited liability partnership: -

1. The certificate of registration
2. The partnership agreement
3. The first meeting of the board of members
4. The membership certificate(s) and your partnership' registers
5. An agreement in between us and your LLP for the preparation of the annual return and the dormant accounts, and the indemnity letter
6. The certificate of incumbency (at the end of the year)
7. The certificate of non-trading (at the end of the year)

P.S. In the case if you will need to have more documents or more copies of your LLP' documents from us, you can order them at a later stage.

The first instalment of £300.00 plus VAT needs to be paid up front, and the annual fee £350.00 plus VAT needs to be paid within next 12 months; as soon you will receive the relevant notice from us where you will be asked to provide us the signed resolution by your partnership members(s) that your LLP is still dormant.

We will need to receive your payments on time to avoid any penalties or fines from the Companies Registrar or HMRC; otherwise we will charge an extra fee for the preparation of your annual accounts and returns. Our own fines and penalties do not cover the government fines. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If you will need to have the package which will accompany with your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time during the accountancy year.

On the later stage, if your dormant LLP will start trading, or will be involved into the business operations as an active LLP, please contact us and upgrade the dormant status to the trading. The conversion from a dormant status to a trading will costs only £529.00, if you will need to use our legal address as the SAIL and business address, then the transformation to the trading status will costs £679.00.

We know that not many clients calling us before they are placing orders for new LLP registrations, to avoid a potential mistake, or misleading of the legal terms, we would like to ask you to call us to discuss your private enquiry before you starting a dormant LLP with us. We are here to provide you the best decision and advice, not just a selling service that can be taken as the wrong choice by our customers.

Please contact us before you will place an order starting a dormant LLP with us, we would like to be sure, that what you are buying from us can satisfy your requirements.