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Cheap Limited Partnership Formation in Scotland, Limited Partnership Registration in Scotland from £92.00!

Online limited partnership registration in Scotland: benefits of using Coddan as your company formation or limited partnership registration agent in Alba - new limited partnerships are being formed all the time, and Scotland is currently booming with business start-ups. If you are interested in registering a limited partnership in Scotland soon, Coddan can help. Many people assume that creation of a limited partnership in Scotland is just the same as limited partnership start-up is in England and Wales, when really it is anything but - setting-up of a limited partnership in Scotland can actually be much more advantageous than registering a limited partnership elsewhere in the UK.

Scottish limited partnership registration (SLPs) are different to limited partnerships start-up in England and Wales, and they offer unique benefits of their own. A registered Scottish limited partnership can hold assets in its own name, as well as owning assets, entering into contracts, borrowing money and owning property. Scottish limited partnerships are also taxed as though they do not have separate legal personalities, which means they are much more tax transparent than limited partnerships in England and Wales.

If you've any enquiry then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.

Scottish LP registration for UK residents




This limited partnership registration in Scotland is for clients, who already have an address in Scotland and want to keep the process simple and paper free for only a few days.

The following documents will be dispatched by regular post after registration of the Scottish limited partnership:

  • The partnership registration certificate;
  • The free and fast-tracked partnership bank account with either of Barclays, RBS or Lloyds (optional);
  • Also, same day incorporation service of limited partnership is also available.



The Scottish LP registration is for individuals who already have their registered address in Scotland but also require a basic LP formation and additional documents made available by e-mail and sent by post.

The limited partnership creation offer contains all services aforementioned in the first option with:

  • The laminated certificate of LP partnership registration;
  • A Coddan personalised partnership agreement;
  • Meeting of the member's board and the membership certificates.



The package is for clients who want to include all the traditional trappings of a limited partnership establishment as well as impressive bound documents.

The offer includes all benefits of a limited partnership start-up as mentioned in both the first and the second options, with an additional free delivery of the following:

  • Two printed membership' certificates and one bound copy of a meeting of the members' board;
  • Two printed and hard bound copies of the signed partnership agreement;
  • Two printed copies and laminated certificate of registration.



The Scottish LP incorporation package is particularly for expatriates as well as UK residents who intend to register a partnership using an Edinburgh registered office address.

This partnership start-up package includes all the benefits of a limited partnership creation mentioned in the two options above with an addition of:

  • The government mail forwarding and the registered office address certificate;
  • The Edinburgh registered address for one year;
  • Extra corporate services are also available.

Registration of Scottish LPs for international clients




The Scotland limited partnership startup is exclusively for our non-UK customers who prefer to open their Scottish limited partnership using a registered address in Edinburgh.

These items are included in this Scottish LP incorporation bundle:

  • The registered office address and mail forwarding as well as the certificate of registered office address;
  • The LP partnership agreement and certificate of registration;
  • Two membership certificates and a meeting of the member's board.



This limited partnership set-up bundle is particularly for non-UK clients who plan to establish a limited partnership using both a registered address in Edinburgh and a nominee limited member.

The Scottish limited partnership creation bundle comprises of every element in the first option as well as the benefits of:

  • A signed and undated resignation letter from the nominee limited member;
  • A provision of the nominee limited partner;
  • A signed power of attorney;
  • An agreement for the provision of a nominee service.



The limited partnership formation bundle is a very common one, and it comes with the provision of a nominee general partner instead of a nominee limited partner, and a registered address in Edinburgh.

The Scotland limited partnership set-up offer includes all items listed in the second option and the following enrichment:

  • A signed and undated resignation letter from the nominee members;
  • The provision of the nominee general partner and a signed power of attorney;
  • An agreement for provision of nominee service.



The Scottish limited partnership establishment offer is our most comprehensive plan, and it comes with all documents of the partnership incorporation certified by a notary public and verified by an apostille stamp.

The limited partnership registration offer includes all items in the third option and additionally:

  • The final verification of the documents by an apostille;
  • The certification of the partnership documents as well as the power of attorney using a notary public;
  • Extra corporation services are also available.

Scottish limited partnership formation, limited partnership registration in Edinburgh

Cheap limited partnership registration in Scotland: we're experts in limited partnership startup in Scotland and as one of our clients you will benefit from a range of limited partnership registration in Alba advantages. We work quickly and efficiently to register your limited partnership as soon as possible, and we can also set up a limited liability partnerships in Scotland in just a few hours, and if you need, we can provide nominee partners. We can assist you in running your limited partnership in a number of ways, though it is important to remember that we are not here to run your business for you; we cannot make binding decisions for the businesses.

If you are looking to register a limited partnership in Edinburgh or Glasgow, we can help you. We offer a friendly and approachable limited partnership startup service tailored to your needs; you won't regret working with us. Don't hesitate - get in touch with us today by phone or e-mail, if you have any questions about how to establish a limited partnership in Alba, or about the limited partnership registration procedure.

General partners of a Scottish limited partnership are liable for any debts the business can't pay, control and manage the business, can make irreversible ("binding") decisions for the business. You must: open the limited partnership with Companies House, and register the limited partnership for self assessment with HMRC - you must also set-up separately as an individual. Register the limited partnership for VAT if you expect sales to be more than £85,000 a year, send a tax return to HMRC and act for the business if it’s wound up and dissolved. You don't have to send accounts to Companies House unless the general partner is a limited company. If you need the confirmation of it, please check the Companies House website.


The main difference in between English and Scottish limited partnerships

Register a Limited Partnership in Scotland

Establishment of a limited partnership in Scotland is different from other parts of the UK, and you need expertise to ensure it is done properly. That is why the team of limited partnership creation consultants at Coddan are the best choice when considering establishing this type of partnership in Scotland. We will provide initial advice and guide you through the entire process. We have a range of exceptional services for our clients, including providing an official registered address in Edinburgh or Glasgow, which can be invaluable for those without a presence in Scotland or who are foreigners. We also provide ongoing services such as bookkeeping. Talk to our expert consultants today: + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089.

What is the difference between limited partnership formation in Scotland and England and Wales?

Limited Partnership Registration in Scotland

If you are thinking that the Scottish limited partnerships establishment are not different from the English LPs or Wales limited partnerships registration, you are wrong. Back in 2003, a thorough joint review of partnership law was instigated by the Law Commissions of both Scotland and of England and Wales. As a result, it is expected that one change that may eventually come about in any new future legislation will be the enabling of English and Welsh partnerships to have specific legal personalities, as they do in Scotland. However, this is not expected to be acted upon any time soon and is only likely sometime in the not so near future.

In the meantime, there remain some significant distinctions between both partnerships and limited partnerships registration both north and south of the Scottish border. In Scotland limited partnerships continue to be effective and efficient vehicles for holding investments in property, but there are some peculiarities to these limited partnerships in Scotland.

In both Scotland and in England and Wales, the Partnership Act 1890 (the "Act") is still applied to the administration and constitution of partnerships - but there is one difference in the Act that is notable between English and Scottish partnerships: it is only "in Scotland" that partnerships have separate and distinct legal personalities, which can bring significant benefits to the partners in a Scottish limited partnership, both in terms of their responsibilities and their liabilities.

The Limited Partnership Act 1907 (the 1907 "Act") requires limited partnerships in the UK to be registered with whichever register office is appropriate - Edinburgh, London or Belfast - depending on where the limited partnership has its "principal place of business". However, it is not entirely clear if "principal" describes the dominant place of business or it's just the place chosen by the partners to be where they will accept notices and documents to be served.

This latter place may be no more than a PO Box, and if this interpretation is adopted, it implies that a limited partnership could operate its dominant area of business in England, but have a "principal" area of business in Scotland. It is a current practice to set up Scottish limited partnerships for private investment adopting this "administrative" interpretation. As distinct legal entities, contracts with Scottish LPs are not with its partners but with the partnership.

Coddan has a wealth of experience assisting clients to register a limited partnership in Scotland, and form companies throughout the United Kingdom. The team's expert knowledge and experience makes it possible to provide the prompt, professional and efficient Scottish limited partnership formation service to provide you with what you need. Coddan' consultants can assist with all aspects of your company formation, limited partnerships, and including incorporation of limited liability partnerships in Scotland. Coddan provides different limited partnership formation packages with the various options dependent on your business needs. If you need to register a limited partnership, we can help you to incorporate a Scottish limited partnership within a few days, or we can help to register a limited partnership in Edinburgh or Glasgow within only one day.

Scottish Limited Partnership Registration

Useful tip with regards to the limited partnership

A minimum of two partners are required to register a limited partnership in Scotland, corporate partners allowed. A partner can be of any nationality, or, if it is a company, it does not matter where such company is registered. None of the limited partnership members need be resident of the UK or Scotland. Please bearer in mind that the corporate partners need to be separate from each other, need to have separate directorship, and membership. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Coddan also prides itself on helping clients with the special Scottish partnership incorporation requirements, and offers tailor-made limited partnership registration packages in Scotland to suit your personal needs and wants.

Choosing us as your corporate service provider and Scottish limited partnership formation agent will give you access immediately to the team of proficient advisors acting as your own dedicated support team.