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Create a Scottish Limited Partnership With Coddan

Create a limited partnership in Scotland with Coddan

Create a Scottish Limited Partnership

Create a limited partnership in Scotland with Coddan: if you are thinking of creating a limited partnership in Scotland, let the professionals at Coddan handle it for you. We are one of the UK's leading companies and partnerships formation experts, and our team of expert consultants is on hand to offer you initial advice and guide you right through the entire process.

It is essential that the people creating your limited partnership in Scotland are knowledgeable in Scottish limited partnership law because it is different from elsewhere in the UK.

Now is a good time to create a business in Scotland because the business sector is booming, and many people are starting up their own firms. One of the attractions of having a Scottish limited partnership is that they have benefits not available in other parts of the UK. In Scotland, a limited partnership can own assets and property, and take out loans as well as enter into contracts.

There are also tax benefits to having a limited partnership in Scotland, as the entity is taxed in a transparent manner because it's not based on individual legal personalities. In this, it differs from similar partnership types in England and Wales.

At Coddan, we have many years of experience establishing companies and creating limited partnerships in Scotland, and are expertly versed in the law. We can help to create your limited partnership in Scotland with no hassle and in the shortest time possible, normally just a few days.

Our Scottish LP incorporation fees are low, and we have a number of options, starting from just £92.00 with no hidden charges. This limited partnership creation package is for customers who have an address in Scotland, while other options include Coddan providing a Scottish LLP creation with a registered office address.

Providing a registered office address in Scotland - in this case it would be in Edinburgh - has a number of significant advantages. It gives our clients a prestigious office address in a major city, and allows them to transact their business from a place other than where it is officially registered, thus helping to ensure privacy. It is also beneficial for foreign clients who are not based in Scotland.

We will create your Scottish limited partnership at Companies House in Edinburgh and under the Limited Partnership Act of 1907. The information that has required is the name of the partnership and its address (which can be supplied by us as one in Edinburgh) as well as each partner's full name and if they are either general or limited partners.

We also need to know how long the partnership will last for and we require a description of each limited partner and a statement confirming that the partnership is limited. Also necessary are details of the contributions of each limited partner.

After the limited partnership is formed, all the legal documents will be made available to you. These include the certificate of registration, a partnership agreement and an optional bank account with Barclays or NatWest. We also provide a range of additional services after the limited partnership is registered, including mail forwarding and bookkeeping.